Sunday, July 24

A Dose of Hilarity

Sometimes we just need to sit back and relax, and enjoy some comedy. Any fan of A Hot Cup knows the love this blog has for the show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and a fantastic YouTube user, 12Medbe, has awesomely uploaded games from several different seasons, resulting in at least three days worth of footage, if not plenty more. And that's three straight days of watching, without stopping. Which is sort of what A Hot Cup has been doing.

In any case, the episode below has one of our favorite moments of all-time on the show. During the game "Party Quirks," in which three of the four cast members have a strange quirk or identity and the "host" of the party has to guess what their characteristic is, Ryan Stiles gets the part of "Slow Motion Sports Bloopers." And he makes one of the most priceless faces ever seen in anything around the 2:10 mark, during a bowling blooper. The whole segment is funny, but Ryan's face is the top point.

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