Thursday, June 30

The 30 Day Song Challenge, Days 1-5

Awhile back, we started the 30 Day Song Challenge. In fact, it was actually on the first day of June, which would imply that the whole challenge ends tomorrow, June 30. Fortunately, A Hot Cup does not limit itself to conventional standards, and thus is only currently on Day 25. But a recap seemed to be in store, plus it's a fun way for all of our loyal readers to play along, so let's go through the whole challenge, five songs at a time.

Day 1- Your Favorite Song

Alkaline Trio - Time To Waste by euroasiate

As most people's (including yours truly's) musical tastes change quite constantly, A Hot Cup went an alternative route in making this selection. The song follows three criteria: 1) It is the most played on A Hot Cup's iTunes; 2) it is easy to play on guitar (but that drumming is intense!); and 3) the band is from Chicago, which is always a plus. Enjoy Alkaline Trio's "Time to Waste."

Day 2- Your Least Favorite Song

There are plenty of terrible options for this one, so A Hot Cup decided to choose more based off personality of the singer than anything else, since about 14% of all songs ever recorded could have been on this. This singer, just 18 years old, has already amassed a large cult following, had a popular show on The Disney Channel, and has buckteeth that just make your heart melt. She also has an annoying song that references Jay-Z, despite the fact she doesn't know who the rapper is and/or has never heard his music. And for that, we give our least favorite song to "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus.

Day 3- A Song That Makes You Happy

This was true five years ago, and it's still true today: Reel Big Fish makes A Hot Cup happy, and their song "Good Thing" is too catchy to not enjoy. Throw this song on if you're feeling down, and BOOM! Suddenly you'll be feeling up. Apologies for the cartoonish video, it's all there is for this song online. Too bad.

Day 4- A Song That Makes You Sad

Please allow A Hot Cup to explain. 96% of the time when this song is heard, it's during karaoke. And regardless of what you and your drunk friends think, you are NOWHERE near the level of Freddie Mercury. And the fact that the room now has to listen through six minutes of you thinking you are makes everyone a little bit sad. But then you just watch the Wayne's World version of this song above, and everything is better.

Day 5- A Song That Reminds You of Someone

We keep it in the family for this one. Mother's Day wasn't that long ago, and A Hot Cup doesn't know of any better "mama" song than this one. You go, Boyz II Men!

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