Saturday, May 7

A Plethora of Videos

Wow, has it really been nearly a week since the last post? A Hot Cup certainly apologizes for that, and as a way of saying we're sorry, here are five very funny videos from over the past few years. Enjoy!

Honest Grad School Ad
Graduate school isn't for everybody, but this College Humor video takes a look at who would do well with continuing their academic career.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Props
We're showing five videos today, and this video is five playings of the game "Props." And all five are hilarious.

Deluxe Hugs
We've all seen the "free hugs" folks hanging around, right? They have signs offering free hugs, and who doesn't enjoy a good hug? Well, this guy decided to charge for his hugs, and chaos ensues.

Jon Barry and Confetti
Jon Barry is an analyst and announcer for ABC/ESPN, and from time to time he'll announce the All-Star/Rookie games during All-Star weekend. And sometimes a Harlem Globetrotter will make an appearance. And sometimes...well, just check out the below.

Stinkabod's Dream from Dazzleloids
This one is a little self-serving: it's a video A Hot Cup uploaded to YouTube. It's also a uproarious memento of randomness from a little known game called Dazzleloids. And it is slightly trippy. Apologies for the random screen flashes, but hopefully it doesn't ruin the whole experience.

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