Friday, April 1

April Fool's Online Pranks

Apparently since April 1 is the only day to lie to each other, here are a couple cool April Fool's jokes to check out.

In the Hot Cup's personal favorite, Google proves they still know how to really celebrate a day by going all out with Gmail Motion. Who knows--maybe someday this will be real, but for now it's just a hilarious concept, complete with a really intense actor. The "Google Docs" part is fantastic as well. Check it out here.

A very close second on our favorites list is the new FunnyorDie homepage
which is all Rebecca Black all the time. The "singer" pokes fun at a number of gaffes in her video, and the result is hilarious--and not even hilariously bad like the original song.

Nintendo recently released their 3DS system, the first gaming device that provides 3-D without the need for glasses. Now they're releasing an accessory for it--contact lenses.

Finally, does anyone really own April Fool's Day? Well, prior to today, no, but the popular site Groupon has purchased the rights to the national pranking day.

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