Thursday, March 10

Finally--More NBA Jam Session

Yes, I know I'm about two and a half weeks late on this, but one of the cool moments of NBA Jam Session was getting to try the skills competition that the professionals do on the Saturday night of All-Star Weekend. Most of them score between 30 and 40 seconds, so I made 34 a personal goal. My final time was 28.9, which I was very proud of.

I'd say considering I had porous shoes on, that was a solid effort. And while you couldn't see it, I did miss the layup at the end before putting the rebound back in. That added a good three to four seconds to my time. Note the disgust in Flip's voice as he comments on my missed layup. Then watch his effort in the second part of the video below. I apologize in advance for the shaky camera work--I was asked to move more to the side and was trying to be steady while simultaneously turning around to see where I was going, and I clearly failed.

Felipe's final time was somewhere around 47 seconds. He also missed five layups to start, and from his yell at the end you can tell he missed even one more. In fact, it wasn't until he got to the free-throw line that he successfully completed any of the stations. Unless you count dribbling around the defenders successful. I don't, since even the girls who had clearly never seen a basketball before were able to do that (albeit while double-dribbling the whole time, but still). Five misses, a slalom, an unsuccessful chest pass, two off-the-mark bounce passes, and two missed free throws (who does he think he is, Patrick Ewing in Space Jam?!?!) before finally seeing some form of success. Impressive. Enjoy the pair of us below.

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