Tuesday, February 8

Revisiting Super Bowl Picks and More Dunk Contests!

A few weeks ago, we did a post starting a series of dunk contest-themed entries. Since said contest is now only 12 days away, let's revisit some more dunk contests of recent past, this time the 2003 matchup between Desmond Mason and Jason Richardson. This was one of the more entertaining individual battles during a dunk contest, so why not showcase it?

We'll also go over each of my Super Bowl prop bets from last post, because I'm nothing if not accountable. My snide comments are in italics.

-Christina Aguilera's national anthem will go over 1:54. Our official time of this was 1:53.4. So close! Maybe if she didn't flub the words...
-The first kickoff return will not pass the 25-yard line. Whoops. First return actually went to the 36-yard line. They're a lot better at these things in the pros than they are in college.
-The first touchdown will go to Mike Wallace. I meant last. The last touchdown.
-There will be a Lambeau Leap done by one of the Packers (my personal hope is that it's Charles Woodson on a pick six). I was right if you count Nick Collins leaping into the endzone. I forgot the first few rows are media, so doing a Lambeau Leap might break some expensive equipment.
-That being said, Charles Woodson will record a sack. I think by sack, I meant "will get injured early on and miss the rest of the game."
-Mike Tomlin will look like Omar Epps for the entire game. Finally nailed one!
-Aaron Rodgers will score a rushing touchdown. Nope. In fact, he didn't even rush for positive yardage once. Just two kneel-downs to end the game.
-The color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach will be yellow (think about it, Steelers fans wave yellow towels, and Green Bay represents cheeseheads everywhere). I'm still fuming about this one. The Bears, who have long been the Packers most hated rival, have orange as a primary color. So why use that as your Gatorade? And do NOT tell me orange tastes better than yellow.
-Packers RB James Starks will have 83 or fewer total yards. 52, all rushing yards. Sometimes it's too easy.
-No kickoff return will make it past the 37-yard line. I think it's fairly obvious I meant the receiving team's own 37-yard line. I really just chose a random number, but in this case I could have made the line for Vegas. One return did go past the 37 but it was called back due to a penalty. Two others made it to the team's own 36, but not a yard further. Nice!
-At least one announcement of a penalty by a referee will not be heard over the PA system, or will cut out for more than half of it. This one was harder to tell, just because it's hard to hear everything when you're watching with a group. I know the referee stopped speaking during the middle of a sentence, so maybe that counts. Knowing the other problems Cowboys Stadium had on Sunday, it's reasonable to assume the PA malfunctioned at some point too.

My final score prediction was 30-24 Packers. The final score was 31-25. Surely there must be some sort of reward for being that close. Probably not. In any case, let's get back to This Day in History. I'm not sure why it disappeared in the first place.

This Day in History
1986- Spud Webb, standing just 5'7", wins the dunk contest (how ironic since this post was partially about the dunk contest).

1990- Del Shannon, best known for his song "Runaway," dies of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 56.

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