Monday, February 14

Quick Grammys Recap

As I'm sure most people have heard, the Grammy Awards were last night. A few of the highlights:

-Arcade Fire took home the Album of the Year award for The Suburbs. Eminem's Recovery was heavily favored to win, and although the rapper remains oh-for in the "Album of the Year" category, it's very refreshing to see a more under-the-radar band win.

-Lady Gaga showed up in an egg (or womb), on a cross. Of things that need to go away, she might top the list. I don't know if it was a lack of attention as a child, maybe she was dropped on her head, or maybe she is incapable of normalcy for any period of time, but until her talent level can reach her absurdity (i.e. never), please, just stop. The only thing I want coming out of an egg is Yoshi.

-Eminem dropped an f-bomb during his performance of "Love the Way You Lie." Very funny commentary, as well as a clip of the slip-up, here.

-Lady Antebellum somehow won "Record of the Year," which really means "Best Song of the Year." But wait, there's also a "Song of the Year" category, which had three of the same five nominees. I guess the "Song" category is more geared toward the actual writing of the song, while the "Record" deals more with production. Still, Lady Antebellum won both of them. Their song isn't terrible, but compared to Cee-Lo's "F*** You?" Fuhgettaboutit!

-Speaking of Cee-Lo, he was in a ridiculous-looking outfit to perform the edited version of his song. He was joined by a few special guests. Enjoy below:

Overall, there seems to be a dwindling interest in these awards, which is maybe why some of the artists felt a need to be over the top. Although I still think uncensored Cee-Lo is much better.

This Day in History
278- St. Valentine is executed. I doubt it was with a bow and arrow.

1977- Since this post was about music, the B-52s perform their first concert.

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