Sunday, February 20

More NBA Jam Session

Another event at the NBA Jam Session in Los Angeles was the opportunity to call play-by-play for a certain play from a Lakers or Clippers game. Strangely they were both against the Knicks. Flip and I both chose the Clippers play, because, well, you can decide. Below are both of the options, followed by our play-by-play. I think Flip gets the win in the end, but my practice run beforehand may have been better. Either way, Lakers reporter Patrick O'Neal seemed to be amused, which is really all that matters. Enjoy!

This Day in History
1962- John Glenn Jr. becomes the first American to orbit the earth.

1997- Kramer adopts a highway on Seinfeld.

1998- Tara Lapinski becomes the youngest figure skater to win the gold medal at the Olympics.

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