Wednesday, January 12

Semi-Interesting Links of the Day

We all remember Paul the Octopus, right? The tentacled friend who accurately predicted the winners of various World Cup matches? Well, it turns out he may have some competition. The Canadian Press reports a Baltimore-area dolphin will try to correctly pick the first selection of the MLS SuperDraft. Not nearly as exciting, is it?

ESPN talks to Vince Vaughn about his newest movie, Dilemma, among other wacky subjects.

The Chicago Bears will run an ad today where Devin Hester, Johnny Knox and Charles Tillman bag groceries in a Chicagoland area Jewel store. No word yet if singer Jewel will also make an appearance.

Ken Griffey, Jr. was quite the slugger in his day, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised his rookie card his helping catch criminals.

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