Saturday, January 8

Become an Internet Sensation By Riding the Popularity of Someone Else!

A few weeks ago we posted the "I Just Had Sex" video by the Lonely Island. As of this writing it is nearing 30 million views on YouTube after only three weeks of being online. YouTube user WHIREAS made a claim that he would put video of him dancing to the song if his comment got 100 thumbs up. As there are usually about 70 new comments during an average watching of "I Just Had Sex" video, it's impressive that this claim was even seen, let alone voted on enough times to get it to the requisite 100. Just goes to show you that if you jump on the bandwagon of something popular you can quite possibly become popular yourself. Too bad WHIREAS's editing techniques are abysmal, as any half-sane person can figure out how to add a song to a video using ANY editing software. This guy felt he had to play the song from his speakers, complete with the "Volume Down" noise of his MacBook. Embarrassing. Enjoy the not-very-entertaining-yet-people-will-still-eat-it-up video below.

This Day in History
1790- George Washington delivers the first State of the Union Address in American history.

1877- Crazy Horse fights his final battle against the U.S. Cavalry in Montana.

2000- The Music City Miracle.

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