Wednesday, December 29

YouTube Videos That Are Actually Kind of Impressive

Anyone who has ever used a computer knows that YouTube is both a fantastic invention and an amazing timewaster. If I want to pull up an obscure music video (like, say, Rainbow's "Since You've Been Gone,"), it's incredibly easy to do so. Or maybe I want to watch a failing temple run from Nickelodeon's Legends of the Hidden Temple. No problem! Or perhaps I just want to enjoy the 1987 National Aerobic Championship, and believe me, you will enjoy it as well. The point is, it's incredibly easy to get pulled in and watch videos until your brain turns to mush. And therein lies the dilemma of YouTube.

The biggest issue I have with the site, though, is that just about anyone with a digital camera and a cable to upload footage from said digital cameras can do so. And that means there is a TON of awful videos out there. But every once in awhile someone will come along and present an activity or event that kind of makes you smile or laugh or think, "Wow, that actually took some effort, even if it is staged!" Here are a few of those videos below.

This Day in History

1890- In the final chapter of America's long Indian wars, the U.S. Cavalry kills 146 Sioux at Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. While it's classified as a battle, a more accurate description is an unnecessary and avoidable massacre.

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