Saturday, December 18

Holiday Greetings from the Sports World

It's not uncommon for most professional sports (and really, any business) organizations to do cheesy holiday greeting cards. Some of these are showcasing a new stadium to be built, a la this Marlins one. Some of them involve embarrassingly catchy songs from the behind the scenes people that do their best to make sure every trip to the ballpark/stadium/arena/whatever is a great one. The Diamondbacks do a good job of that, and get bonus points for including a "more cowbell" reference.

But let's be real, what the fans actually want are the players themselves. Cue the Chicago Bulls:

My personal favorite is Ronnie Brewer's alley oop, since it looks more like a shot than his actual jump shot. But I'll let you decide for yourself which Bull can croon the best.

Then there are some videos that start off promising and then just fall apart, like the EKU Colonels one here.

Either way, A Hot Cup of Joey wishes you and yours a very happy and safe holiday season.

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