Thursday, December 16

The 12 Days of Karaoke- Day 1

As anyone who is even remotely familiar with me knows, I love karaoke. Whether it's crooning to a select group of friends or belting something out to a ton of strangers, if I have a mic, you're going to get rocked. And since Christmas is right around the corner I'll include 12 karaoke songs that not everyone thinks of but are guaranteed to get you cheers. Assuming you can pull them off, that is. And yes, I know there are fewer than 12 days till Christmas, but since a few of the actual 12 days ARE after Christmas anyway we'll make it work. Here we go with our first entry!

The Darkness: "I Believe In a Thing Called Love"

This song is so good I even wrote a post about it on AOL's Spinner. That link also has the hilarious video accompanying it, so be sure to click on it when you're done here. If you can hit the high notes (and every self-respecting person should be able to), it's a sing-a-long dream. The only downside (or upside, if you're an air guitar pro) is the long solo in the middle. While it's fun to play on real guitar, it leaves you without vocals for nearly 20 measures. 17, to be exact. Either way, is it amazing? Oh, yes, you better believe it!

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