Monday, February 27

Breakfast Tea & Bourbon: A Novel That's Also a Treasure Hunt

Have you ever wanted to discover some buried treasure? Maybe as a kid, you'd take a prized possession, dig a hole in the backyard, and create an entire map to find it a few days later. Breakfast Tea & Bourbon by Pete Bissonette takes that to a whole new level. Not only is it an entertaining novel, complete with self-help tips and bourbon recipes, hidden inside the pages are clues to a treasure hidden somewhere in the United States worth $50,000.

"I printed out a big map, closed my eyes, twirled my finger, and pointed to a spot," Bissonette said. "That's where the treasure is hidden." 

For his part, Bissonette is not giving away any hints to where the treasure is hidden despite people's best attempts to get the truth out of him. He's enjoyed seeing how people have gone about searching for the treasure, which also includes a $5,000 donation to their favorite charity and 100 bottles of wine delivered to their door.

"A class of fifth graders is reading it as a class and sharing where they're going through the book," Bissonette said. "I've also heard from a North Dakota nursing home. If they figure out where the treasure is one of them will send their son to dig it up."

The novel is an entertaining read in and of itself – Bissonette suggests reading it at a leisurely pace the first time around, then go back and look for clues – but it also provides a few life lessons that we could all benefit from. It's something Bissonette has been practicing and advocating with his company Learning Strategies for more than 30 years. The company teaches people all over the world a number of things, including ways to improve memory, enjoy more success in your career, and eliminate behaviors like procrastination or self-sabotage.

Pete Bissonette
One practice that Bissonette really emphasizes is how to savor the moment. Taking a walk in the woods is one such way to just appreciate the beauty around us, but even more common things like really engaging in a conversation or not letting a distraction – say, people holding up their cell phones to record a song at a concert – prevent you from enjoying what you came to see. The book also provides the "Meaningful Rule of Toasting." If you've ever been to a wedding or other gala event where you need to clink glasses, you can relate.

"It's always so quick. We clink our glasses and we're already moving on to the next glass to clink. We don't make a connection with anyone," Bissonette said. "It can be uncomfortable, but make eye contact with who you're toasting. It makes it much more special. I like to bug my eyes out really wide – the person on the other side will then similarly bug their eyes out as a natural response and then we've made a connection."

Want to see some lessons from Learning Strategies in action? Once you purchase your book, share the proof of purchase on their website and you can get one of their "Paraliminal" releases, a technology that helps you make changes, whatever they may be.

Check out a copy of Breakfast Tea & Bourbon – who knows? You may just find yourself digging up a treasure worth more than $50,000. And if you want to send a few dollars or a bottle of wine my way, I certainly won't complain. Cheers! 

Sunday, February 26

Moonlight Wins Best Picture After La La Land Is Announced As Best Picture

Well, I guess this is why people watch the Oscars. Taking a page out of the Miss Universe pageant, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the winner of Best Picture for the 2017 Oscars. The card said "La La Land," so Dunaway made the proclamation that it had won.

As they celebrated onstage, the La La Land folks realized they had actually not won, and Moonlight, in fact, took home this year's Best Picture. In an incredibly gracious display, they invited the Moonlight team up onstage and presented them with the award. Beatty, who took an awfully long time to read the card, came up to the microphone to explain why: the card had actually said "Emma Stone, La La Land." The pair had the card from the previous award for Best Actress. It was mass confusion, and made the end of the award ceremony a little more entertaining than in years past. This is also the second time in less than a year that a major award has been announced incorrectly. We can do better than this, America.

Tuesday, February 21

Greg Maddux Pranks Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant is getting back in the swing of things after helping the Cubs win their first World Series in 108 years. But even he's not impervious to a good ol' prank. In a promo for Red Bull, former Cub Greg Maddux donned an impressive disguise and then took to the mound to fool Bryant. Turns out the sound guy's got a pretty good curve!

Friday, February 17

Bad Lip Reading: 2017 NFL Edition

Are you sad that the football season is over? Fear not, "Bad Lip Reading" is back with another edition of the NFL season, and once again, it is incredible. All your favorites (and probably least favorites) are in here: Cam Newton, Tom Brady, and Clay Matthews just to name a few. And they're all saying ridiculous things. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 2

Lexus End Zone Anthology Features Lil Buck Performing Touchdown Dances

Try as they might, the NFL cannot take away touchdown celebrations. Sure, you get fined or flagged for just about anything you do other than spiking the ball directly into the ground or dunking it over the goalpost, but it's still fun to see the creative ways players will give up 15 yards for their team.

Lexus knows what I'm talking about, as they've partnered with Lil Buck to showcase 16 of their favorite touchdown dances from the NFL's storied history of celebrations. Maybe we'll see one of these pulled out on Super Bowl Sunday. If nothing else, I hope YOU dance when the team you're rooting for scores. Enjoy the game, everyone!