Monday, October 31

Irish People Try American Candy

In Ireland, folks don't get all of the same ridiculous candy that we have here in America. But not to fear, the good folks from Facts. are giving Irish people our uniquely American Halloween/fall treats, like candy corn, popcorn balls, and warm apple cider and seeing their reactions. It's delightful, even though the Irish find most of the treats to be some form of "shite." Enjoy!

Sunday, October 30

This Dog Reacting to Her Owner Dressed As Her Favorite Toy Is Amazing

This video really doesn't need an explanation, but here goes: Jolene, this real cute dog, is playing with her Gumby toy. All of a sudden, a man (presumably her owner) comes in, fully dressed as the Gumb'd cartoon. The reaction is DELIGHTFUL. Meanwhile my dog is just nuzzled next to me as I type this. Some pups are more energetic, I suppose.

Wednesday, October 26

President Obama Has More Mean Tweets to Read

Being President is hard work. Not only do you have to worry about the country you preside over, whether it's the economy, social tension, or natural disasters, you also have to maintain diplomatic foreign relations.

On top of all of that, you also have people criticizing your every move. Barack Obama knows that all too well. Fortunately, he's a good sport about it, and he's back on Jimmy Kimmel Live for another installment of Mean Tweets. The country thanks him for it.

Thursday, October 20

Blink-182's New Music Video Looks Awfully Familiar...

Blink-182 has released a new music video for their track "She's Out of Her Mind" as part of Spotify's new Flash Frame series that spotlights various artists' careers.

Adept fans of the band may recognize this video as a near shot-for-shot remake of the song that really catapulted them to fame, "What's My Age Again?" Though instead of the Blink guys running around, we're treated to three Vine celebrities that I've never heard of but I'm sure are big in the Vine scene: Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking, and Vale Genta. Adam DeVine also makes an appearance as the sexy nurse.

I LOVE "What's My Age Again?" and think it's a fantastic video. Much like their newest album California as a whole, this one seems pretty forced. The abundance of iPhones and iPads just looks like product placement, and even the extras don't appear to be very engaged. But hey, it's still a good dose of nostalgia. Enjoy.

Monday, October 10

Poo~Pourri Choose Your Own Adventure Commercial is Fun and Smells Nice

Let's face it: we all poop. It's a natural occurrence, yet it can be embarrassing in quiet, intimate settings. And doubly so if your commode leaves an unpleasant odor lingering in the air.

Fortunately, there's a solution. Poo~Pourri's spray, which requires a quick spritz in the bowl before you go. Suddenly, you'll be on the top of the world, and you'll "poop pies" with the best of them.

Check out the delightfully weird ad above – and hopefully you can guide our damsel in distress to success.

Friday, October 7

Tom Hanks Crashed New York Wedding in the Park, and it's Delightful

Tom Hanks is a terrific movie star, and after stints in Carly Rae Jepsen music videos as well as real life, he seems like a good guy, too.

Case in point: recently, he was jogging in Central Park and stumbled upon a wedding reception that was going on. He said hello to the bride and groom, snapped a selfie with them, and wished them well before continuing on his run. Photographer Meg Miller captured the fun on video, which included Hanks saying that he's an ordained minister, so if theirs didn't show up, he could fill in. Good stuff all around.

A photo posted by Tom Hanks (@tomhanks) on

Thursday, October 6

Man Plays Willie Nelson Song For His Mom That She Wrote

So this is what it looks and sounds like when you play your 92 year old mom Willie Nelson's cut of a song she wrote.
Posted by Buddy Cannon on Saturday, October 1, 2016

Well, this is just the cutest thing ever. Buddy Cannon is a music producer who's worked with the likes of Kenny Chesney, Reba McEntire, and Texas's favorite son, Willie Nelson. His relationship with the last one got him a very special moment for his mother.

You see, Cannon's mom, Lyndel Rhodes, is a big fan of music herself. And a few years ago, she showed her son some songs she had written. Cannon was particularly drawn to one, called "Little House on the Hill," and brought it to Willie's attention. The 83-year-old musician said he loved it and wanted to cut it – so they did.

And then, at the very little house on the hill the song is based on, Cannon played the song for his mother. The first time, she got very emotional, and understandably so. The second time, Cannon recorded it so the world could share in her joy. And it is a delight. Way to go, Buddy and Lyndel. And great singing as always, Willie.

Monday, October 3

Ryder Cup Fan Heckles, Gets Challenged to Make a Putt, Sinks It

The U.S. just knocked off the Europeans in a rowdy Ryder Cup, but the true highlight came days earlier during the practice rounds.

Henrik Stenson and Rory McIlroy were working on a 12-foot putt but just could not sink it. The duo each missed six times, according to USA Today. 

A fan from North Dakota, David Johnson, said that even he could make the putt. That's when the pair of golfers turned to the crowd and told Johnson to come on out and prove it. To make things even more interesting, Justin Rose slapped down a $100 bill right next to the ball. So what did Johnson do? He NAILED it. Watch the video from McIlroy above. It's truly spectacular.