Wednesday, April 24

Damian Lillard Ends the Thunder's Season With a Cold-Blooded Buzzer Beater

I'm not sure if there's a more underrated star in the league than Damian Lillard. The dude routinely balls out in leading Portland to the playoffs, has sunk a handful of clutch shots, and has a really solid rap game, too

And now, he's the owner of one of the coolest buzzer beaters in NBA history. The Portland Trailblazers are moving on while the Oklahoma City Thunder are going home. The shot in and of itself is spectacular – it's not every day you see a 37-foot stepback three to clinch a series – but my favorite part of this play is Seth Curry (in the white headband in the top corner) talking trash to the Thunder's bench. Curry reportedly said something to the effect of, "Dame's about to end your season" and then turned and glared daggers at the bench after the shot went in. Absolutely beautiful.

Tuesday, April 9

Yes, It's Totally Okay to Cry Over This Dwyane Wade Budweiser Commercial

Unless there's some kind of crazy shenanigans on the final day of the NBA's regular season, Dwyane Wade has played his final home game in Miami. The Heat lifer has rocked the NBA since 2003, doing great things off the court on top of the wonders he worked on it. This whole season has been a farewell tour for him, and he's traded jerseys with opposing players after just about every game (Emmanuel Mudiay being the exception). 

Budweiser is no stranger to tearjerker commercials. So perhaps it's only fitting that they brought Dwyane Wade to center court to meet a few folks that had "jerseys" of their own. Try to get through their stories without feeling a bit weepy. Thanks for lots of magical moments, D-Wade.