Sunday, December 31

The Bills End The Longest Playoff Drought In Professional Sports

The Buffalo Bills haven't made the playoffs since 1999. They lost to the Tennessee Titans during a play that's since been dubbed the Music City Miracle. They had a legal voting age's worth of postseason drought built up, with plenty of additional frustrating moments along the way. 

Tonight, the Bills got back into the playoffs. And for that, they can thank...Andy Dalton, of all people.

Buffalo needed a couple of things to go their way to sneak in as a wild card. First, they needed to defeat the Miami Dolphins on the road. The Dolphins are a terrible team, yet they always seem to win two or three games each year that they shouldn't, so who really knows. Buffalo took care of business, though, knocking off the Phins, 22-16.

Next, the Bills were rooting for the Ravens to lose. They could also have gotten in if both the Titans and Chargers lost, but neither of those things happened. So, the entire city of Buffalo was rooting for the old Red Rocket, as Dalton took over from Cincinnati's own 10-yard line. 

The Bengals quarterback did not disappoint, leading an impressive 90-yard drive. Dalton connected with Tyler Boyd for a 49-yard touchdown with 44 seconds remaining. The Ravens had a chance to tie but turned it over on downs. And the longest playoff drought in professional sports came to an end.

Buffalo heads to Jacksonville for Wild Card Weekend. Let's see if they can keep the magic going.

Friday, December 29

Aaron Paul Joins James Corden for a The Price is Right Redemption

Back in 2000, actor Aaron Paul was on The Price is Right. Paul was unknown back then, but his energy was as strong as ever as he ultimately made it to the Showcase Showdown. Unfortunately, he overbid on his showcase by just $132, resulting in the dreaded double overbid.

17 years later, Paul is back at The Price is Right studios with James Corden to earn his shot at redemption. Corden and Paul sneak onto the set and relive the glory days. Will Paul have better luck this time around?

Sunday, December 24

New Orleans Saints Cornerback Marshon Lattimore Intercepts a Pass With His Butt

I don't know what it is, but there's something about football games played on holidays where a player makes a play with his butt. Of course, who could forget the famous "Butt Fumble" from Thanksgiving five years ago, where then-New York Jets quarterback Matt Sanchez ran into his own lineman, immediately fumbling and leading to a touchdown for the Patriots.

New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore might have done even one better. He literally caught a ball with his backside. I've already heard plenty of names for this – "assterception," "backside interception," "butt pick." Whatever your poison, go wild. Plays like this don't happen very often. 

Lattimore's interception ultimately led to points, as the Saints scored a touchdown three plays later. New Orleans would go on to win the game 23-13, as well, locking up a playoff bid in the process. They can clinch the NFC South next week with a victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

All thanks to a magnetic booty.