Wednesday, September 28

10th Edition of Mean Tweets...It's Still Funny

Mean tweets is back, and would you believe it's the 10th edition of celebrities reading 'em? That makes it like the 18th overall, but hey, who's counting? And believe it or not, this is still a fantastic gag. Some really clever tweets in this own, as well. Good job, Twitter!

Monday, September 26

Dee Gordon Hits Home Run In Emotional First At-Bat After His Teammate's Passing

The Miami Marlins and the baseball world as a whole received terrible news yesterday morning when the team's ace Jose Fernandez died at the age of 24 from a boating accident. Fernandez just exuded happiness – you couldn't help but smile watching him play. He tried four times to defect from Cuba to the United States, getting caught and put in jail after the first three. He was on his way to becoming a Hall of Famer. The world lost a great player and an even better human being.

And yet, as sports can sometimes cruelly remind us, life goes on. Just a day after getting this news, the Marlins, who are still technically not out of the playoffs, took on the New York Mets, who are also technically not out of the playoffs. The entire Marlins roster is donning #16 jerseys in Fernandez's honor, and the organization has said it will retire the number. 

Mourning his fallen teammate, Miami's Dee Gordon wore Fernandez's batting helmet and batted right-handed for the first pitch of the team's first at-bat since Fernandez's death. He then put on his own batting helmet and moved to the left side of the plate...and promptly hit a home run to right field. The tears started streaming as he rounded the bases, and pointed towards the sky after crossing home plate.

It's a spectacular moment, and even more incredible when you consider that prior to this, Gordon had hit a home run once every 269 at-bats. They're not common for him, but sometimes you're playing with the wings of a teammate on your back.

Saturday, September 24

Between Two Ferns Returns with Hillary Clinton

It's been a hot minute since we've seen a new installment of "Between Two Ferns." But that's all changed as Zach Galifianakis returns with special guest Hillary Clinton. The awkwardness is still there, and boy, is it brilliant. And Zach's button has been updated with a new sound effect. Check it out!

Thursday, September 15

Green Day Debuts "Bang Bang" Music Video

I don't know how Billie Joe Armstrong doesn't age, but he looks just as youthful here as he did in the "Basket Case" video 22 years ago. Well done, Green Day. Well done.

Monday, September 12

This New Antonio Brown SportsCenter Commercial is Wonderful

Antonio Brown did it all on the field Monday night. In the Steelers' 38-16 win over the Redskins, the receiver had eight catches for 126 yards, and even got a flag for twerking.

But perhaps his best performance came off the field. His new "This is SportsCenter" commercial appeared after the game ended, and it's delightful. He sits behind the reception desk and shows some great comedic timing with anchor Neil Everett. Good work all around, crew.

Friday, September 2

Green Day Performing in Toronto for World Cup of Hockey

Fresh off dropping a single that sounds like a return to the good ol' days, Green Day just announced they're playing in Toronto on September 23 for the World Cup of Hockey. Tickets for the event go on sale September 8 at 10 a.m. local time for $25.

It's a busy time for Green Day, whose album Revolution Radio comes out October 7. It'll be their 12th(!) studio album, and if "Bang Bang" is any indication, it's gonna be great. Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is also set to appear in the film Ordinary World, which is set for an October 14 release. He plays an aging rocker whose modern-day family collides with his punk rock past. I'm sure that was a stretch for him as an actor. The film also stars Fred Armisen, Judy Greer and Selma Blair.

For now, let's just enjoy "Bang Bang" over a long weekend. We've certainly earned it.