Friday, May 30

Star Fox 64 Honest Game Trailers

The fine folks over at Smosh have put out another honest game trailer, this time for one of my other favorite N64 games, Star Fox 64. While I would have liked to see at least 38% more hate dished out toward Slippy, it's still entertaining, and again, the best laughs are at the end. Also, I'm glad the ridiculousness of the boss battles gets called out. Well done. 

50 Cent Tried to Throw Out The First Pitch At A Mets' Game. He Failed

This is just absolutely incredible. One of my goals in life is to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game. The last time I took the mound, it was during little league when our two normal pitchers (who were brothers) were on a family trip to Disneyland. Myself and young Danny Cha took the mound and both got shellacked in a 32-27 loss. And no, I'm not making that score up.

Regardless of our poor ERA and WHIP, neither Cha nor I threw a pitch quite as bad as rapper 50 Cent did. Fiddy's famous for tunes like "In Da Club" and "Candy Shop." You'll notice neither of those locales are pitcher's mounds, or even baseball fields. It all makes sense now.

Sunday, May 25

Jimmy Kimmel Has Some More Mean Tweets For Celebrities

My goodness, these will never not be funny. In the ninth overall installment of the series (seventh with "celebrities"), Jimmy Kimmel and his crack Twitter team have found insulting tweets from all walks of life. Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, Gary Oldman, Sophia Vergara...nobody is safe this time around. Or I guess anytime around. But still, this one's probably in the top half of the Mean Tweets, so it's worth a watch. Enjoy!

Friday, May 9

NBC Cancels Community

From the "we saw this coming" department: looks like NBC has pulled the plug on Community after five seasons. It seemed the show was already in hot water as creator Dan Harmon was fired after season three, but he came back this year. His return meant the end of Chevy Chase, as the two clashed often behind the scenes.

I didn't personally care for Chevy's character, so I don't think his absence led to me not really digging season five. I think the weirdness of the show just finally outweighed the funny. But it's still tugging at the heartstrings to know that Troy and Abed won't be coming back in the morning. Or ever. 

Dinosaur Throws Out First Pitch at MLB Game

The San Diego Padres win this year's award for "Craziest First Pitch," when they had a fully functioning T-Rex throw out the opening ceremonial toss. I'm not sure why this happened, though apparently it was a promotion for "Walking With Dinosaurs." Either way, the costume is incredibly lifelike, and dinosaurs are awesome, so it's good theater. Enjoy!

It's come to my attention that the video above doesn't work, probably because MLB is still stuck in the 19th century as far as video technology goes. This link should allow you to check things out.

Thursday, May 8

OneRepublic Performing "Counting Stars" Without Autotune or Backing Track

OneRepublic is one of the hottest bands out there right now. Their hit "Counting Stars" was (is?) all over the radio, and lead singer Ryan Tedder has probably produced about 50% of what's currently playing on the Top 40 charts.

But what happens when you strip the song of its production polish? Well, this. 

P.S. Of course it's not real, but that doesn't mean it's not hilarious.

Sunday, May 4

SNL Presents The Beygency

Ever feel like your opinion, especially when it's in the minority, is never really respected? This is how I feel whenever I mention that I'm not the biggest Beyonce fan. Sure, I like some of her songs, but a lot of 'em are overrated. The new album in particular, from what I've been exposed to, has left me feeling like that song from Frozen, and the movie itself--underwhelmed.

Well, the good folks at Saturday Night Live have made a movie trailer about an agency that "takes care" of people like me. It's called The Beygency, and if you ever find yourself talking ill of the Queen B, well, you may just find yourself in a lot of trouble. Look out.

Thursday, May 1

Guy Scares Girlfriend Several Times On Vine, Turns It Into Compilation Video

His name is Aristotle Georgeson and he loves scaring his girlfriend. That's pretty much all you need to know about this video. She scares easily, and he's compiled 22 Vine videos of him frightening her. The scares are all pretty much the same, just in different locales. And yet, it's still kind of funny each time. Maybe you'll find it really funny, even. Or stupid. But that's a risk I'm willing to take.