Saturday, November 30

Pistons Usher Engages in Dance Battle With Young Kid, Everybody Wins

It's pretty much everyone's dream to be a dance champion, or at least make it on the Jumbotron at a major sporting event. This kid went to a Detroit Pistons game and achieved both of those dreams, as he took on a Detroit Pistons usher in a fun dance battle during a timeout. Apparently this is a typical thing for the usher--he's actually known as The Dancing Usher, but hey, it's still quite entertaining. So enjoy it!

Friday, November 29

Your Daily Song: "Get Rhythm" by Ry Cooder

Apparently this is a Johnny Cash hit, but I first heard it about three days ago when my dad told me to listen to it on our plane ride home from Spain. And it was a DELIGHT. Toes, start tapping!

Man Uses Chatroulette to Spoof Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball, Results Hilarious

Our favorite Chatrouletting YouTuber Steve Kardynal is back at it again, this time using the webcam website to create a parody of "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus. My reactions are the same as last time: "People still use Chatroulette?" followed by raucous laughter. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 28

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of my favorite holidays is upon us, so here's both a primer on the holiday, as well as a music video about turkey, mashed potatoes, and other basic words that the singer knows. Yes, they're both a year old, but hey, tradition's gotta start somehow!

Sunday, November 17

Your Daily Song: "Hit It" by American Authors

Can't get over how catchy this song is. This past Wednesday was the first time I had ever heard American Authors. I've probably listened to this jam at least 20 times since then. Hit it!

Sunday Thoughts: Week 11

Guess what, kiddos? Week 11 is going to be the last thoughts you're getting for a couple of weeks, since I'll be out of the country all of Week 12, and traveling during the Sunday of Week 13. But we'll still try to get something in then. My only prediction for Week 12 is that I'll hate the Jets and either the Lions, Steelers, Chargers, Cowboys or Bengals will lose a game common sense says they should win.

-You know what's more fun than a rain delay? Being in the city as it's happening. Chicago had some crazy weather this afternoon, and was reaching halftime as all the other early games were ending. It was fun watching punts and passes just get tossed around like a rival Pikachu after you use Earthquake. After about five and a half hours, the Bears escaped with a 23-20 win in overtime. Boo-yah!

-The Lions and Steelers combined for 605 total yards in the first half. That's a high for the NFL this season. Calvin Johnson and Antonio Brown each cracked 100 yards and pulled in two scores in the first 30 minutes. Not bad at all. But what IS bad? The Steelers jerseys. They look like bumblebees out there. Also the Lions' second half. Stafford had like two completions and a meager amount of second half yards. 35, to be exact. What a waste. Let's add the Lions to the list of teams that blow games they should win. AND THAT'S WHY THEY'RE BAD AND SHOULD FEEL BAD.

-This is the last time I believe in the Jets again. I made a last second switch to pick New York when I realized the Bills were starting a rusty EJ Manuel and missing their top two receivers. Yet it DIDN'T MATTER because the Jets are terrible. Of course, they're just continuing a pattern of winning a game and then losing one, so I'm sure they'll sneak out an improbable win next week. But for now, they win our Worst Team of the Week and I hate them. The Houston Texans are a close second for worst team. Mainly just because they were at home. Atlanta was #3.

-Actually, we need to delve more into this Texans loss. The defense gave up three touchdown passes to something called Matt McGloin, which is often confused with a groin injury. Also, Case Keenum was benched for Matt Schaub (the irony) and one of their offensive linemen had three false starts. Yikes, they are rough to watch.

-RGIII is realizing points in the NFL aren't nearly as easy to come by as points at Baylor was (and still are. I think they just scored again as I type this). Washington's QB wins our Stupid Play of the Week as he was attempting to lead a comeback from down 24-0. With his team trailing by 8, he backpedaled about 15 yards and then threw up an absolute duck that was easily intercepted by the Eagles' Brandon Boykin.

-Jacksonville's Jason Babin made a tackle against Andre Ellington where he literally ripped out a chunk of Ellington's dreads. Then he held it up like it was a freakin' rabbit he bagged in Oregon Trail. Except he was able to carry all of this back to the wagon.

-The best defense in the NFL? While I love my fantasy stalwart the Panthers, the Bengals may have just staked a claim. Andy Dalton threw for 93 yards and the team scored 41 points, courtesy of two defensive touchdowns. Let's repeat that for effect: The Bengals red-headed monstrosity of a quarterback threw for UNDER ONE HUNDRED YARDS, at an alarming 3.4 yards per attempt, and his team put up a fortyburger and won by 21. Heck, WR Mohamed Sanu threw a 25 yard pass. That's more than a quarter of what Dalton put up in 27 passes. If Cincinnati had any kind of talent at QB, they'd be a SCARY team.

-Our Most Boring Game of the Week was actually pretty hard to find, since even the blowouts were pretty entertaining. Since seeing the Jets get routed is still funny even if I happened to pick them this week (stupid), we'll go with what was touted as America's Game of the Week by Fox: the Packers at the Giants. Outside of a nice pick-six by Jason Pierre-Paul, this game was a lot of snoozing. Remember when both of these squads were good? For Packers fans, Aaron Rodgers can't return fast enough.

-The top running back performance of the day was Tampa Bay's Bobby Rainey. He ran 30 times for 163 yards and two TDs, and also grabbed a four-yard reception for a score, too. Who woulda thunk it?

-Prior to today, the average fantasy performance for a team defense facing the Saints was 1.3 points. In NINE GAMES. The Niners put up a little bit better effort, but still, that's incredible.

-Our RedZone recap is mighty entertaining today. Let's get it.

Saturday, November 16

Your Daily Song: "Get Free" by The Vines

I heard this song for the first time in a LONG while today. And it brought back some great memories of 2004 or whenever it came out. Lots of unintelligible stuff. Beautiful. 

Friday, November 15

Let's See a Show!: The Royal Concept, American Authors, Misterwives

Sometimes you go to a show and the energy is just outrageous. Songs have you tapping your toes, you want to jump, dance, and generally just act like a fool. And you don't feel bad doing it because everyone's right along with you. Last night, I went to a show just like that.

Yes, Stubb's in downtown Austin hosted a fantastic show featuring The Royal Concept, American Authors and MisterWives. I've been to a couple shows at Stubb's and always enjoy the ambiance. Their downstairs has a good sound, and is big enough that you're not constantly bumping into people. That's a big plus when you're throwing your arms in the air.

MisterWives kicked things off with a fun set that unfortunately I missed the beginning of. Thanks to some shenanigans from a softball league I play in, I had a doubleheader scheduled that lasted longer than expected. But hey, going 3 for 4 with a pair of runs and ribbies isn't too bad. I'll take it. 

Anyway, back to the show: MisterWives had five folks up onstage, but in actuality they're just a trio. Regardless, they kick some major butt. Lead singer Mandy Lee has some amazing pipes and a big stage presence--when she asks for audience participation I really want to help out. Even only hearing a few of their songs, you just know this band is destined for big things. Doesn't hurt that their sound is awesome, too. So much soul! And more whoas, please!

American Authors was up next, and I overheard some guy in the audience saying they were surprised by how much energy MisterWives had, and that AA would not equal that whatsoever. Well, random guy in the audience, within 20 seconds of the first song beginning, you were proved WRONG. I thought these guys were the best of the bunch. Zachary Barnett rocked the mic with both singing and a little bit of rapping, and it was cool seeing James Adam Shelley alternate between different sized guitars and the occasional banjo. There was also some timpani action and a lot of "whoos." Never a bad thing.

There was a fun moment too when Barnett saw someone taking a video of the band on their phone, and while singing grabbed the person's phone and shot point of view for a few seconds. I'm sure that person enjoyed the change of scenery.

The final act, and who I was graciously invited to see, was The Royal Concept. Like the previous bands before them, they commented how cold it is in Austin currently, and how they thought when they left Sweden they'd actually have some good weather. Little did they know...time to get it together, Austin!

In any case, lead singer David Larson utilized a vocoder pretty nicely, making his voice sound like all kinds of robots. The band has said they wanted their music "to make people dance more than when a DJ spins records," and they absolutely got the crowd going last night. The group did a little Daft Punk medley, debuted a new song they had never played in the U.S. before, and ended with their hit tune "On Our Way." They also said that song was going to be on the show Glee, so I'm sure we'll start seeing The Royal Concept all over the place. And I'm totally okay with that. You can get their album here, and if you get the chance to see 'em on the rest of their tour, check this show out!

11/15 - Atlanta, GA - Vinyl #%
11/18 - Washington, DC - 6th and I #
11/19 - Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of the Living Arts #
11/21 - New York, NY - Gramercy Theatre #
11/22 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
11/23 - Montreal, QC - Il Motore #%
11/25 - Toronto, ON - Virgin Mobile Mod Club #%
11/26 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues (Cambridge Room) #%
11/27 - Detroit, MI - Shelter #%
11/29 - Columbus, OH - The Basement #
11/30 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge #
12/01 - Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock Social Club #
12/03 - Denver, CO - Marquis Theatre #%
12/04 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court #%
12/06 - Vancouver, BC - Biltmore Cabaret %
12/07 - Seattle, WA - The Vera Project #
12/08 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theater #
12/09 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent #
12/11 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues (Delta Room) #%
12/17 - Tulsa, OK - The Vanguard #%
12/18 - Kansas City, MO - Record Bar #%

12/19 - St. Louis, MO - Firebird #%

#- With American Authors
%- With MisterWives

Wednesday, November 13

Yahoo Makes a 30 for 30 Spoof About Space Jam

Growing up, Space Jam was one of my favorite movies. Heck, it still is. I may have watched it 29 times in a month (that month was a non leap-year February). The story of Michael Jordan teaming up with the Looney Tunes to defeat evil monsters who have possessed NBA players? It's genius. And now, Yahoo! has made a parody of ESPN's popular 30 for 30 series, with some big names from the basketball world giving their take on what might possibly be the greatest game of all time.

Tuesday, November 12

Ranking the Pokemon: #55- Poliwrath

Poliwrath is kind of a weirdo. Not just because of its 8th-grade-looking hypnotic scribble on its chest. Or...maybe that's its mouth? I don't know. Maybe it's just one big white heart with that blue man suit and gloves on.

In any case, Wrath of Poly has pretty average stats across the board. Its HP, Defense and Attack are a little above average, while its Speed and Special are slightly below average. Poliwrath also gains the Fighting type, making it a helluva lot more vulnerable to both Psychics and Flyings, which are fairly common types.

But holy cow, look at that moveset! Surf. Psychic. Earthquake. Blizzard. Submission. Water Gun. Er...well, that last one, maybe not so much. But equipping Wrathy with Earthquake and maybe something like Submission or Double-Edge takes advantage of that higher Attack, while Surf utilizes the STAB by being a Water-type move (in case you were concerned what element surfing might incorporate). The fourth move is up to you, but I honestly might even ditch Double-Edge and go a double dose of Psychic, with Hypnosis and Psychic. Since only Bugs are resistant in Generation I—yes, Ghosts are too, but the only Ghosts are also Poison-types, which as you know by now, Psychics OWN—that move'll still do decent damage to anyone, even with Poly's lesser Special.

Finaly, Poliwrath's eyes kind of look like ping pong balls with dots drawn on them. And I like playing ping pong. Bonus.

Battling Grade: B-

Previously: #56- Electrode

Your Daily Song: "My Body" by Young the Giant

This song has been popping up in all sorts of commercials lately, and when it came on at work, well, now it needs to be a daily song. And I'd like more. Get it!

Ranking the Pokemon: #56- Electrode

I'm fairly certain Electrode was the first Pokemon I ever heard of, so it certainly gets brownie points for that. And it can use them, because it ain't all that when it comes to battling. 

Sure, the inversed Pokeball is the fastest kid in Generation I. But all that speed isn't THAT useful if you can't do much with it. Fortunately, Electrode does learn Thunder Wave, so you can at least paralyze everyone on the other team, if you play your cards right. Outside of the fast Speed, doe, Lecty is lacking. Its special is okay, and everything else is below average or even bad.

While Explosion is a standard move for Electrode, it's not the best, since its Attack is so low. But it's always fun seeing your Pokemon explode, so I'll give it a pass. Slap Thunder Wave and Thunderbolt on it, then toss in Light Screen for good measure, and hey, you've got a serviceable leader. And you could do a lot worse than that, even if Electrode isn't anything special.

Battling Grade: C+

Your Daily Song: "Growing Up (Falling Down)" by The Living End

This jam by Australian trio The Living End has a distinctly late 90s/00s feel to it, probably because it came out around that time. Makes sense. In any case, the chorus is mad catchy, and this is one of my favorite guitar solos to play along with. And just kind of in general. Check it out!

Sunday, November 10

Sunday Thoughts: Week 10

In one of the most unpredictable weeks in recent memory, the Jags finally got off the schneid, the supposedly elite Colts lost by 30, and a hail mary (thrown by Andy Dalton, no less) actually was caught for a touchdown. Let's get to the madness.

-After trailing 17-0, the Bengals somehow came back and tied things on the final play as Andy Dalton launched a near-midfield hail mary to beastly receiver AJ Green. But of course, in traditional Bengals fashion, the team got close but could not get over the hump and lost in overtime. But for a brief second I got very excited and frightened my dog with my yells during the tying play. Said hail mary play also wins our Stupid Play of the Week, as Ravens DB James Ihedigbo deflects the ball in a way that makes you question if he knows what "bat it down" means.

-The Dallas Cowboys are SHOCKINGLY bad. How this team has won five games is beyond me. I saw them in person last week as they struggled against the terrible Vikings, and the Saints absolutely demolished them (and my fantasy team in the process, since Drew Brees has it in for me). How bad are the Cowboys? Al Michaels actually brought up the record for most yards given up in a game as the Cowboys approached it. They didn't set that record, but they did give up 40 first downs. FORTY FIRST DOWNS IN ONE GAME. That's an NFL record. At least the Cowboys ran more than eight times this week. What a joke. The winner of the NFC East is going to be 7-9 at best, and it's going to be embarrassing.

-Speaking of the NFC East, I still can't take the Iggles seriously even though they're 5-5. They simply cannot win at home, and they beat a Packers team who had to play a third-string quarterback for most of the game after Seneca Wallace suffered a groin injury.

-Meanwhile, the Jacksonville Jaguars scored their first win of the season by hanging on for a 29-27 win against the Titans. Tennessee's Jake Locker left early with some sort of foot injury, and the Jaguars were stunned that they had an early double-digit lead. Cecil Shorts and all of his garbage-time yardage went to waste, making it six straight weeks that I've played him when I shouldn't have and benched him when he went off. Keep it up, Cecil.

-Our Worst Team of the Week is an easy one: The Indianapolis Colts. Sweet lord, how do you lose by 30 at home to a team playing their backup quarterback? Well, you let Tavon Austin, who I believe had combined for about 200 yards all season prior to this game, rack up 310 total yards, fielding punts, catching short passes and turning everything into touchdowns. The Colts also had like 14 turnovers, and generally looked like a team that was more interested in catching...gosh, I don't even know what shows are on on Sundays anymore now that Breaking Bad is over. Sigh...

-Our award for Most Boring Game of the afternoon has to go to either Giants/Raiders or the more likely winner: Steelers/Bills. EJ Manuel made an un-Florida State (i.e. terrible) return from a knee injury and looked terrible. Pittsburgh, meanwhile, also looked pretty terrible, but they scored more, and that's generally how you win sporting matches.

-Arizona's defense is really good. If their offensive line wasn't worse at blocking than Geico commercials are at making me not hate them, then they'd be a surprise wild card team. They're still in the hunt, but I just can't see them making a push. Although...

-With the Panthers edging out the Niners 10-9, the Cardinals gained some ground in the NFC West, at least for second place. This game was probably pretty boring too, though with the Panthers D putting up 22 points for me, I can't find any fault with it. Sure, I picked it wrong, but most of the world did too.

-We'll end with a link to NFL RedZone's Week 10 Touchdown Montage. Because the "3-yard Run Montage" just doesn't have the same level of excitement.

Friday, November 8

Your Daily Song: "Connect the Dots" by New Found Glory

I know I've written about New Found Glory before in this space, but I recently just heard this song, and it's mad catchy. From their Kill It Live CD, the fivesome once again proves that pop punk is, in fact, not dead. Plus the video's pretty funny.

Ranking the Pokemon: #57- Vileplume

Just looking at Vileplume, I kind of hate everything about it. That floppy flower on its head that should probably squish the rest of it, that dorky little smile, the arms and legs that can be described as "puny" at best. Not to mention I had Pokemon Blue growing up, so I saw plenty of Vileys but didn't really get the chance to have my own until much later on.

However, Vileplume does have some solid stats going for it. Its HP, Attack and Defense are all above average to strong, and its Special is very good. Of course, it's super slow, but so is every Grass-type in Generation I, so it's not a huge disadvantage. When more of your stats are good rather than bad, you're doing something right.

Vileplume comes into existence by evolving Gloom's sorry butt with a Leaf Stone. As such, Plumey doesn't learn any new moves outside of TMs. But it'll have all the Grass-type essentials: Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, and...that's pretty much it. You can toss Petal Dance, Mega Drain or Solarbeam on there for an attack that actually does damage, and then maybe include Body Slam or something to take advantage of Vileplume's okay Attack, and to give yourself a fighting chance against something that's resistant to Grass. Then marvel at something with such a tiny body doing so much damage, as I do every day when my dog walks across my chest and stomach to get to the other side of the couch.

Battling Grade: C

Thursday, November 7

Your Daily Song: "It's Alright" by Matt and Kim

I'm fairly confident I've already posted this song on this site in some form or another, but hey, it's such a toe tapper it's worth it. And the video is fantastic. But you knew that already, since you read A Hot Cup of Joey diligently, right?

Wednesday, November 6

Your Daily Song: "Memory" by Sugarcult

Sometimes these get chosen simply because I heard the song recently and can play it on guitar. This is one of those times. Early 00s, rock on!

Tuesday, November 5

Javonte Douglas Dunks, Kisses Sky Simultaneously

There aren't any words for this, except maybe "OHHHHHHH!" College of Central Florida's Javonte Douglas has an insane putback dunk in a game against Pasco-Hernandon Community College. That might be the only time we mention either one of these schools, but I hope it's not the last we see of Mr. Douglas.

Your Daily Song: "On Our Way" by The Royal Concept

I just heard this song the other day, and I'm getting to check out Swedish all-stars The Royal Concept next week! Try not to bop your head or tap your feet during this song. It's a tall order.

Monday, November 4

Happy Tree Friends Unveils a New Bloody Collection on DVD

If you enjoyed the above video, then Happy Tree Friends' Complete Disaster (releasing on November 5) is just for you. The Mondo Media-produced four disc set includes all 13 half-hour episodes, as well as 75 shorts, all remastered in stunningly gory HD. The amount of blood puts Dexter to shame, but hey, said blood is being provided by and procured from cute forest animals, so it all evens out.

Sunday, November 3

Sunday Thoughts: Week 9

I made my first visit to Cowboys "AT&T" Stadium today, and saw a very entertaining game between the Cowboys and Vikings. So, alas, most of my notes will be about that game, though we'll certainly have shout outs for others. Let's get it!

-Adrian Peterson had one of the most insane touchdown runs I've seen in awhile. Coupled with Giovanni Bernard's awesome back and forth run against the Dolphins on Thursday, running backs are back, baby!

-Oh wait, no they're not. Nick Foles threw for seven touchdowns with only six completions. Three of those scores went to racist receiver Riley Cooper. The fact that Cooper is fantasy relevant with Foles at the helm is infuriating, since arguably the best person in our league has him on his team. Boo.

-Speaking of boo, this was the week of teams losing or almost losing to teams they shouldn't lose to if they want to be considered great. The Bengals and Chargers lost to inferior albeit tricky-ish squads (the Dolphins and Redskins, respectively), the Cowboys almost blew their game at home against the Vikings, and the Colts will probably lose a stinker at the Texans (they're down 21-6 at the time of this writing). The Seahawks also almost lost an unthinkable game at home to the winless Bucs. Trailing 21-0 at one point, they came back to win 27-24 in overtime. Those 'hawks love giving the ol' heart some palpitations!

-Dez Bryant and Greg Little both earn my Stupid Plays of the Week, for committing just foolish unsportsmanlike conduct penalties that cost their teams chances of scoring. Bryant took his helmet off on the field after getting a pass interference penalty, and Little went a step further--throwing a defender's helmet and then drawing a taunting penalty later in the game. Real intelligent.

-Meanwhile, my preseason Super Bowl pick earns our Worst Team of the Week: the Atlanta Falcons have simply been a mess this season. Granted, injuries have taken their toll on their key playmakers, both offensively and defensively, and they looked absolutely miserable in getting smacked 34-10 by the Panthers. But hey, my opponent in fantasy has Matt Ryan and I have the Panthers D, so I'm not complaining TOO much.

-The Chiefs somehow scored 23 points with Alex Smith throwing for only 129 yards and the Chiefs in general not getting into the endzone on offense. Any doubts that this defense isn't the best in the league should probably have been quieted by now. In my opinion the top five defenses are Kansas City, Carolina, Seattle, Houston and San Francisco.

-The Jets ONCE AGAIN made me feel foolish for switching my pick away from them. It's shockingly simple and I keep avoiding the pattern, because this has to be the worst 5-4 team ever, but they have alternated wins and losses every week. Head coach Rex Ryan made a joke that fell flat in the post game presser that they'd probably lose against the bye week. More likely, they'll lose against their Week 11 opponent, the Bills.

-I like when the Bears play on Monday night, because then I can have a relatively stress-free Sunday while not watching them blow leads against bad teams. Beautiful. 

Your Daily Song: "What You Know" by T.I.

I heard this song on the radio today for the first time in a while, and man, what a JAM. What you know about dat?

Saturday, November 2

Northwestern Loses to Nebraska In Most Northwesterny Way Possible

After a promising start to the season, the Northwestern Wildcats have now dropped five games in a row. The latest defeat came at the hands of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, when QB Ron Kellogg just throws up a hail mary from 49 yards out. A Northwestern defender tips it, trying to bat it down, and instead it goes straight into the arms of Nebraska's Jordan Westerkamp. My personal favorite moment of this whole play is Northwestern's defender (#44) who falls down in dismay. Just a heartbreaking, devastating loss for the Wildcats.

Let's See a Show!: He's My Brother She's My Sister, Caught a Ghost, Song Preservation Society

Halloween is already a ridiculous time, and Halloween on 6th Street in Austin is an absolute riot. There's mass hysteria in the streets, as several blocks are roped off and people can roam in their silly costumes at will. When the opportunity to duck off the street and see an entertaining live show was presented to me, I made like Dexter Morgan (my costume for the year) and snuck in without looking back.

The venue this time was The Parish, which I've probably passed a hundred times without actually realizing it. It's incredibly tucked in, but it's right there on the heart of dirty 6th. With the folks in attendance mostly donned in their (much more modest than the outside world) costumes, I knew it would be a fun night to remember.

Song Preservation Society started things off with an all acoustic set. They were the only act of the three that wasn't in their Halloween costumes. They claimed theirs were too inappropriate and they'd have to change into them after the show. I never did find out what they were...

No matter, they did a solid job of starting off the evening. They reminded me a lot of The Byrds, maybe with a hint of Simon and Garfunkel in there too, with vocal harmonies aplenty and a very airy sound. I felt I could end up in a dream montage at any moment.

Caught a Ghost came up next, and having never heard of them at all, I didn't really know what to expect when they arrived in costumes reminiscent of A Nightmare Before Christmas. But they put on a really fantastic live show. With both a male and female vocal seamlessly crooning over and around each other, a saxophonist, drummer and a synth player, they invoked all kinds of emotion from the crowd, namely dancing. This video I'm putting below doesn't really justify their live act at all (seeing as how it's pre-recorded), but I'm definitely digging that 50s/60s funk swing sound. Good stuff.

The headliner of the night, He's My Brother She's My Sister, kept the dance party going. The big highlight with them is their tap dancing drummer, Lauren Brown. It's difficult enough to drum normally (at least for me), so to see her doing tap solos while also keeping the rhythm was really impressive. And while the band's name is a little confusing, since there are five people in there total, they were formed by real-life brother/sister duo Robert and Rachel Kolar. So now it all makes sense. In any case, they do some excellent live work, and I thoroughly enjoyed this entire evening. Check 'em out if you get the chance! And until then, you can stream their new album Nobody Dances In This Town. Until now, because I'm dancing.

Your Daily Song: "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett

This is probably a day late, but I find this one of the quintessential Halloween tunes. It's corny, it's weird, and it's somewhat frightening? Not really at all, but hey, those "wa-oohs" are fantastic.

Friday, November 1

Idaho Sports Anchor Reads Newscast as Anchorman's Ron Burgundy

Idaho On Your Side Sports Director Paul Gerke went as Ron Burgundy from Anchorman for Halloween. While the costume itself may not be particularly memorable, Gerke took the opportunity to deliver an entire sportscast (featuring a weather update) as Will Ferrell's mustache-toting, fine scotch-loving deviant newsman. And it's pretty fantastic. I just hope he got those ribs out of his teeth.