Thursday, March 28

Don't Increase the Size of Your Gut During March Madness

If you're anything like me, your bracket has completely fallen apart, and tonight's results in the first day of Sweet 16 action didn't help. If you're also like me, you're trying to cook more often, because eating pizza and wings every day just doesn't cut it. Fortunately, the folks at HumanaVitality have offered up a healthy recipe for spinach artichoke dip. I've always liked eating the dip, and now I'll try making it own my own. My kitchen is already bracing itself. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 26

Flying Earpieces in the NHL!

This is absolutely fantastic. Boston Bruins Head Coach Geoff Ward took out his earpiece, and appeared to toss it over the glass behind him. Watch as it lands DIRECTLY in a fan's beer. The fan looks up, like, "Now we have flying earpieces to worry about?!?!"

Alas, this was too good to be true. It turns out Bruins center Tyler Seguin admitted to tossing his smelling salts into the crowd. Although that's similarly awesome, it's not quite as good as the earpiece. So I'ma keep on thinking Ward did, in fact, blindly get a hole in one.

Monday, March 25

Will Sasso Lemon Compilation

I have no idea what's going on here, other than Will Sasso has some strange obsession with lemons, and used the Vine app to make a hilarious vignette of his daily life struggles. Prepare to laugh. A lot.

Sunday, March 24

Memphis's D.J. Stephens Has a Personal Vendetta Against This Basketball

Michigan State's Adreian Payne tries a little jump shot near the end of the first half in the Spartans' third round win over Memphis. But the Tigers' D.J. Stephens has other ideas. Like seeing how hard he can swat the ball out of bounds. Memphis lost 70-48, but this play makes it only seem like 70-53.

Saturday, March 23

LeBron James Demolishes Jason Terry

Yes, this is old. But man, is it still awesome. Watch as LeBron James catches an alley-oop, and poor Jason Terry just happens to be in the way. LOOK OUT!

Thursday, March 14

Gatorade Shower Goes Horribly Wrong

Sometimes you just have to wonder what people are thinking. Look, I get that the North Platte CC Lady Knights were excited. After all, they just defeated Dakota College in a hard fought 64-60 win, and were now headed to the NJCAA Division II national tournament. But clearly there aren't any science majors on the team. Or folks with common sense. If there were, then head coach Richard Thurin might still be standing up safely.

My favorite part of this video is the person who comes to help Thurin after he falls. They suffer a similar fate.

The North Platte Community College Lady Knights women's basketball team picked up a huge win on Sunday, defeating Dakota College 64-40 to advance to the NJCAA Division II national tournament. To celebrate, the team grabbed a cooler to dump water on head coach Richard Thurin.

When Hockey Fights Go Wrong

Occasionally, a fight will break out in a hockey game. And once in a blue moon, that fight isn't so much a scuffle as it is a weird figure skating routine. That's what happened here in this fight between Francis Lessard and Sebastien Laferriere in a recent hockey game. Fantastically awkward.

Sunday, March 10

DeAndre Jordan Tells Brandon Knight: "Dunk You Very Much"

As a huge basketball fan, I love watching any highlights. Possibly a few times a month, a play happens that makes me jump out of my seat. And possibly a few times a year, a play makes me get up and walk around afterwards. And possibly a few times in my life, a play causes me to spit out whatever I was eating or drinking, fall down, get back up and run around the neighborhood so I'll settle down. This dunk by DeAndre Jordan, in which he litchrally demolishes Brandon Knight, is one such play. ENJOY!

Thursday, March 7


I'm a big fan of blocks, particularly when the swat doesn't send the ball into the fourth row. For instance, this insane rejection by LARRY SANDERS! of the Bucks. Utah's Alec Burks thinks he has a highlight reel dunk, but instead he gets denied by LARRY SANDERS! However, Burks was actually called for a charge on the play, so the block didn't count. But we all saw it, and it was awesome.

Tuesday, March 5

Ranking the Pokemon: #67- Magneton

Magneton is a perfect example of what an evolution of a Pokemon looks like when GameFreak gets lazy. You may remember Magnemite, the unevolved version of Magneton. You may also recognize that Magneton is just three Magnemites put together. The creativity is endless.

Never mind that you can destroy Magneton with a Phillips-head screwdriver, I've just never been a big fan of it. It's one of those weird Pokemon that learns moves it already knows from birth, so you could theoretically have two of the same move (I think, or maybe it just doesn't learn it if it already knows it). And while it does learn all of the essential Thunder-type moves--in other words, Thunder Wave and Thunderbolt--it sacrifices Speed in favor of Defense. Not to say that's a bad thing; Magneton can still hold its own with Ground-types, since it can take a hit or two. The problem is that outside of Thunderbolt, it can't really deliver a hit, and two is out of the question. Couple that with its half-assed design, and 'ton has a ton of work to do to climb this list.

Battling Grade: C+

Monday, March 4

The Buzzer Beater Heard 'Round the World

In high school basketball, New York's New Rochelle squared off against Mount Vernon. Apparently New Rochelle already won an earlier game on a halfcourt shot, but no one could have imagined this at all. 

17-year-old Khalil Edney tried to toss a full court pass to his teammate Joe Clarke, but it was intercepted by a Mount Vernon player. That player then decided to toss the ball softly in the air, but Edney, who alertly followed his pass up the court, runs in and hits a 60-footer just before the buzzer goes off. Apparently Edney almost missed the game with an ankle injury, which makes this even more impressive. Watch the madness, as Mount Vernon starts celebrating after the refs rule it no basket, then New Rochelle gets to dance as the basked is, in fact, counted. Incredible.

As a side note, this reminded me of Michael Ruffin's errant toss into the air that Morris Peterson turned into a game-tying bucket several years back. Good stuff.