Thursday, May 24

Ranking the Pokemon: #81- Staryu

A lot of people (I am basing that statement off of anecdotal evidence only) seem to think starfish are a little gross. I am of the opposite opinion: I held a starfish one time in the Dominican Republic and they are actually quite cool. They feel a little briny, sure, but if you're feeling them underwater you don't really notice, and the way they stick to your hand is super cool. Which is why Staryu is super cool. It's ALSO super cool because (like Slowpoke), it's two of the best types in the game: Water and Psychic. Oh crap. It's not, I just checked. Apparently only Starmie gets the Psychic tag. No matter. Staryu can at least LEARN Psychic moves, in addition to Ice, Electric, and of course Water. And Normal, but so can everyone, so that doesn't count.

Staryu also has very solid base stats. With great Speed, very good Special, and decent Defense, it's a little tougher to take this starfish out than it would be in real life. You know, when you'd just toss it like a frisbee. Or a disc, perhaps. Like in this video. I wonder if I cameo in it.

UPDATE: I just watched the video. I do not cameo in it. I thought maybe there'd be some archival footage of my one semester of ultimate frisbee at UM. Sadness. Kind of like your opponent's reaction when Staryu comes out, because they know it's going to kick their butt.

Battling Grade: B-

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