Wednesday, July 20

Ranking the Pokemon: #149- Porygon

Alright, this isn't a grudge against Normal types, promise! It just so happens that there are a good amount of them, and a lot of them suck. Porygon is one such example. Only attainable in-game via the Celadon Game Corner, he costs a lot of coins. Not even PokeBucks, or whatever the hell they're called, but game corner coins. Which are more expensive to rack up than standard cash. In Blue, Porygon comes at the "discount" price of 6,500 game coins, while he costs the full 9,999 in Red. And he still sucks in both. Poor stats, poor moves, and he looks like a stupid piƱata. Most folks haven't had a lot of experience playing with Porygon because it's so much effort to get him. But every time they do they become melancholy, foods don't taste quite as good, and the hands of the children often went numb in disgust. Just a big middle finger from the folks at Game Freak.

Grade: F

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