Sunday, January 14

Stefon Diggs Sends the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship Game With An Insane Catch

Holy. Moly. A wild Sunday of NFL football was capped with an absolutely crazy finish. I can't even imagine having a rooting interest in the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints game...I might not have survived if I did.

The Vikes jumped out to a 17-0 lead, but the Saints eventually went up 21-20 after a furious comeback in the second half. Minnesota nabbed a field goal to retake the lead, but they left far too much time on the clock for Drew Brees, who promptly marched the Saints down the field for another field goal.

That set the stage for the Vikings. 25 seconds left, one timeout. After a 14-yard completion, Case Keenum threw a pair of shaky passes that probably didn't inspire much hope for Vikings fans. Luckily, he had time for one last play.

With 10 seconds left, Keenum threw a pass down the sideline to Stefon Diggs, who caught the ball and...didn't get tackled. Rookie Marcus Williams tried to undercut Diggs' legs and just missed completely. That allowed Diggs to turn around and scamper down the sideline for the game-winning touchdown with no time left on the clock. Diggs hurled his helmet across the field after scoring, an incredibly fitting reaction to one of the most absurd finishes in NFL history.

Saturday, January 13

SNL's "My Drunk Boyfriend" Is Spot On

Saturday Night Live returned for the first time in the new year with host Sam Rockwell, and man, did this episode deliver. All the sketches had laughs, but the most fantastic was the "My Drunk Boyfriend" commercial. Rockwell and Kyle Mooney both serve as the drunken boyfriend models, spouting phrases like "Cops. I want to watch Cops." and sobbing about deceased relatives you didn't know previously existed. It's a spot on take of drunk cliches and an absolute delight.

SNL has been wildly inconsistent all season, but if this is an indication of what's to come, 2018 is gonna be a good year. 

Thursday, January 11

Rise Against Once Again Deliver a Terrific Video with "House On Fire"

Rise Against just dropped "House on Fire," the second single from their 2017 album Wolves, and man, is it a catchy jam. While it sounds like it could be about a love lost, lead singer Tim McIlrath recently revealed that it's actually about his 13-year-old daughter, and how it's sometimes difficult for a parent to connect with a child, particularly when that parent is trying to be strict despite having a general anti-authority message in a ton of songs. ROUGH LIFE.

Anyway, the music video for "House of Fire" is an emotional tale between grandfather and granddaughter. The Rise Against fellas make a cameo, but as has been the case with a lot of their recent videos, the main characters of the story take center stage, not the band. And that's A-OK in my book, especially when the storylines are as engrossing as this one.

Sunday, January 7

Marcus Mariota Throws Touchdown Marcus Mariota

Sometimes, you just have to do everything by yourself.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota found his team down 21-3 early in the third quarter of the AFC Wild Card matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. On third and goal from the six-yard line, Mariota rolled out to his left, looking like he was going to try and scramble for a touchdown. At the last second, he attempted a pass, only to have it batted away...

...or so everyone in the stadium thought, except for Mariota. The ball caromed right to him, and he dove into the end zone for the score. 

It ended up being a huge play, as the Titans went on to win 22-21. They'll advance to play either the New England Patriots or the Pittsburgh Steelers in the divisional round. And Mariota will likely need to produce some more magic to record an upset for the second straight week.

Enjoy the miraculous play below: