Monday, May 29

How to Write an Ed Sheeran Album

Ed Sheeran has been one of the bigger names in pop music over the past couple of years. With current hits like "Shape of You" and "Castle on the Hill" dominating the airwaves, it doesn't seem like that's going to slow down anytime soon. You can either hate his tunes or embrace them – and if you choose the latter option, you can even write an album much like Sheeran would himself!

YouTuber John Fassold has dissected the key elements to every Ed Sheeran album, including bangers like a "hippity-hop acoustic ballad" and a "childhood song about being rebellious." Follow these steps and you too just might be able to release a record that's celebrated around the world. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 27

Hanson Just Dropped a New Song, and the Video Has Mini Hansons

Hanson released a new song today called "I Was Born," and the music video is a delight. Shots of the band performing are interwoven with little kids singing along to the tune, as well. And, in natural Hanson fashion, this is a pretty catchy jam. Though the band plans to release a Christmas album this winter, this song appears to be a standalone track. Maybe it'll end up on another record later, but for now, enjoy!

Friday, May 19

Linkin Park Reacts to Teens Reacting to Linkin Park

Fine Brothers Entertainment recently shot a video of teenagers listening and reacting to Linkin Park songs. One of them was the debut single off their new album, One More Light, while others were jams from their first two records, Hybrid Theory and Meteora. The kids had a variety of responses, and at least one of the girls didn't even recognize it was Linkin Park until the end. Amazing.

Anyway, with One More Light debuting today, FBE decided to bring in a member of Linkin Park to react to those teenagers reacting to Linkin Park. If the whole thing sounds very Inception-like, you're not alone. It is pretty entertaining to watch Shinoda make little comments, though. He says he plans to never show his kids the "One Step Closer" music video, and that's probably for the best.

Sunday, May 14

Olympic Athletes Apologize to Their Moms

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Thanks for being patient with your children and for teaching us how to be humble...even if it takes a few people years to show it.

Saturday, May 13

Blink-182 Reveal New Song That's A Love Child of Enema of the State and California

Blink-182 has been dropping new songs from the deluxe edition of California, the album they released last year (and the first featuring Matt Skiba). There's going to be a full set of new tunes on the deluxe album, which bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus described as "a lot of high-energy songs, punk rock, some more ballad-y songs, a little more electronic experimentation."

So far, Blink has released four songs from the deluxe version of the album. The latest, "Wildfire," is a mix of the band's newest and best-selling albums. From the official lyric video itself:

Think of your favorite song from Enema of the State. Now think of your favorite song from California. Now imagine them falling in love and starting a family of their own. That's what this song is.

There are definitely elements of both albums here, so that description might not be too far off. Either way, we've got a week until the deluxe edition of California drops on May 19. Enjoy!

Monday, May 8

This Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ad Is Incredible

With Mother's Day fast approaching, Kraft is putting a new spin on honoring mom. With 74 percent of moms admitting to swearing in front of their children, the company brought in mother, author and swearing expert, Melissa Mohr, Ph.D., to offer some kid-friendly sayings when the need to curse is just too strong.

And hey, if you lose it and go on a George Carlin-esque tirade, just feed the kids a little Kraft Mac & Cheese. That always helps.

Wednesday, May 3

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Details of his Son's Birth and Heart Disease

Jimmy Kimmel was noticeably absent from Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, which naturally got the world wide interwebs ablazin' with all sorts of conspiracy theories.

Naturally, the real reason had nothing to do with any kinds of wacky rumors. Instead, upon returning to his show, Kimmel revealed that his son had been born with a heart disease and walked the crowd through all of the emotions of learning that your son has a problem with his heart. This story does have a happy ending and his baby boy is healthy, though he'll still have to have multiple surgeries down the road. We're hoping all goes well and Billy lives a perfectly normal life.

Check out Kimmel's monologue from when he came back. It's a long one but well worth the watch.