Sunday, April 23

SNL's "Basketball Scene" is Simply Magical

Jimmy Fallon hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend, and it had a handful of enjoyable sketches. Perhaps the most hilarious, though, was the very last one of the night. Fallon and Mikey Day serve as extras that are trying to simply play some basketball behind a dramatic scene starring Pete Davidson and Kenan Thompson. However, these extras don't really know much about basketball, despite having great experience like taking a sports movement class at Juilliard and starring in a recreation of Basketball Diaries 

Monday, April 17

Gabrielle Union Delightfully Roasts Dwyane Wade After Missed Dunk

Actress Gabrielle Union is married to Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade. Apparently, they were having a bit of a tiff at home – Wade left the seat up in the bathroom, and Union did not take too kindly to it. So when Wade blew this dunk...

...Union had the perfect response:

Either way, Wade can't be too upset. His Bulls stole Game 1 from the Celtics, 106-102.

Tuesday, April 11

Steph Curry Has a New Life Coach, and it's James Corden

Steph Curry has become one of the most popular players in the NBA over the past few years. Sure, a good chunk of that is because of his insane ability to shoot a basketball, but another part of it is that he's just so darn likable. Doing bits like this with James Corden doesn't hurt. See what happens when Steph and James hit the town to try and up the two-time MVP's game in other areas of life.

Monday, April 10

Wade Baldwin IV Has One of the Best Bad Beats of All Time

How fantastic is this? The Grizzlies were leading the Knicks 98-88 the other night, and Memphis's Wade Baldwin IV was dribbling out the clock. He walked over to the official and started chatting a bit. Who knows what they talked about, but as the clock ticked down, Baldwin launched a three-pointer from just in front of halfcourt.

It went in, giving Memphis a 101-88 win. Apparently, the crowd wins a free chicken sandwich if the Grizzlies score over 100 points in a home game – perhaps Baldwin (who's shooting 14.3 percent from deep this season) was just trying to help a few hungry folks out. The line was Knicks +12.5. If you bet on the Knicks, MAN, you were probably furious. But're betting on the Knicks, so that's probably your own fault.