Tuesday, October 17

These Mars Bar Halloween Commercials Are Perfectly Creepy

Sports fans may have noticed a chilling series of short horror films plaguing their televisions this weekend. They looked like something straight out of a nightmare, but don't be fooled – they were actually commercials for candy.

Mars Bar partnered with Fox Sports to release four separate "bite-size horror" short films, all two minutes long, that aim to spook. These ads don't have any product placement (aside from the candy "presenting" the commercial), but they sure are bone-chilling. Skittles, Starburst, Snickers, and M&M's all get a chance to spook.

Check out a few of the commercials below and learn more about the making of the ads from Adweek.

Sunday, October 15

Taste This: Moore's Creamy Ranch Buffalo Wing Sauce

What a great time to be a sports fan. The MLB postseason is rolling, the NFL is in full swing, the NBA and NHL are just getting going. The U.S. men's soccer team isn't qualifying for the World Cup...okay, maybe that last one is a little less exciting.

All that sporting means you need the right food to be on top of your game. The good folks from  Moore’s Marinades & Sauces gave me a sample of their Creamy Ranch Buffalo Wing Sauce to make sure my recipes are bursting with a flavorful kick.

And I must say...this is some terrifically good stuff.

If you like ranch and you like buffalo sauce, you'll dig this particular bottle. It's the perfect combination of creaminess and kick but what I like most is that it's super versatile. I've used it for a dip but it really shines as a marinade or a baste. I've given it a whirl on chicken, and surprisingly it was DELIGHTFUL on some salmon. 

So whether you're throwing a tailgate or just hanging out by yourself, give Moore's a try. It'll boost whatever you're eating, and hey, that's all you can ask for. Now enjoy the game. Unless you're watching the Bears play. Because that is simply impossible to enjoy.

Tuesday, October 10

Check Out This Book: This Was Never About Basketball

I'm a huge basketball fan, so when offered the chance to read Craig Leener's debut novel This Was Never About Basketball, I naturally said yes. And I'm glad I did – it's quite the enjoyable read.

While there are certainly some basketball elements at play here, this is more of a coming of age book that looks at relationships, doing the right thing, and ultimately bettering yourself as a person. There are some sci-fi moments as well, bringing just a bit of surrealism into the fray.

Most importantly, this is simply a book that's tough to put down. I read it on an airplane - usually in that setting, I'm good for a chapter or two tops before I get tired. With This Was Never About Basketball, though, I found myself rapidly turning the pages, eager to find out what happened next.

Craig was also kind enough to appear on the latest episode of Locally Sourced Joey, chatting about the inspiration for the book, what his writing process is like, and a few of his favorite basketball moments.  

Check out the bio below for some additional details, and don't forget to pick up a copy. All proceeds during the month of October will be donated to those affected by the recent hurricanes that have impacted the country. Because after all, there's more to life than just basketball.

Seventeen-year-old high school basketball star Ezekiel “Zeke” Archer has it all: a sweet jump shot, a full-ride scholarship to a Midwestern basketball powerhouse, and the brightest future. But when Zeke’s temper gets the better of him in the city championship, he is expelled from school, has to forfeit his scholarship, and is left to ponder his once-hopeful future.

While finishing his final high school days in the California educational system’s version of purgatory, Zeke makes a stunning discovery. With the help of a young autistic classmate Zeke befriends, he learns that the mysterious 7th Dimension, which brought basketball to Earth more than a century ago, has decided to take the game away for good — all because of the ugly event Zeke set into motion in his final game!

As he embarks on the ultimate cross-country road trip to save basketball, Zeke must confront his unsettled past — including a father he’s not heard from in years and a brother fighting in a war half a world away — in order to set his life on the right path and rescue the game he loves. 

Sunday, October 8

Urban Axes Lets You Channel Your Inner Axe Thrower

Get ready for a brand new social experience. Photo credit: Urban Axes Instagram
Have you ever had a long day at work or school, and when you're finally done for the evening, you just want to blow off a little steam? Sure, you could go out to a bar, or go watch the newest season of Bojack Horseman while lazing around on your couch. But if you're in Austin, there's a much better alternative.

Urban Axes just opened up its doors in good ol' ATX – there's also a Philly location and planned 2018 openings in Baltimore and Cincinnati – and they were kind enough to invite me out for a launch party. This is the first indoor social axe throwing experience in the city, and I must say, despite learning I'm really not too talented at throwing axes onto a target, it was still quite an enjoyable evening.

The space is BYOB, which I first thought sounded absolutely crazy. But I never felt unsafe at any point. There are always instructors around to make sure you're handling axes properly, not walking in the way of anyone throwing, or doing anything else you shouldn't be doing. Closed-toe shoes are mandatory, and only people 21 and up can enter. 

One of many, many bullseyes I threw during the evening.
A typical night at Urban Axes includes some instructional training, a round robin where you're trying to score as many points as possible, and then a tournament, where you only have one goal: beat the person next to you. There are bays all throughout the space for people to throw, with two targets per bay. 

Depending on how many people are in your booking (6-12 or 13-24), you'll get a set amount of bays, so everyone should have the opportunity to throw ample times. If you have fewer than six people, Urban Axes recommends walking in rather than reserving.

And if you can't get enough of throwing axes, both the Austin and Philadelphia locations offer eight-week leagues. Since axe throwing is an individual sport in a group setting, if you sign up with some friends, you'll be able to hang out while demolishing them in competition. It's a win-win all around. 

Urban Axes is at 812 Airport Blvd. One-hour sessions cost $22 per person or you can do a 2.5-hour session for $35 per person. Give it a shot and send me your best axe photos!

Please make them better than this one. Flannel optional.

Wednesday, October 4

'California Typewriter' is Far More Than an Ode to a Vintage Gadget

Sometimes, you just need to take a step back and reflect. That's the message behind California Typewriter, the debut documentary from Doug Nichol. The film dives into the dynamic between humans and machines, exploring how we used to interact with technology and how it's changed over the years.

The film features appearances from celebrities like Tom Hanks, John Mayer, and Sam Shepard. While there's certainly an homage to typewriters, there's a greater question that Nichol poses: how do we react to things disappearing in our lives? For some, they look to the future. Others get stuck in the past, living a life of nostalgia. Both ways can lead down fulfilling paths, and sometimes there's beauty in cherishing where you are in life.

"If you walk away with a message from it, take a moment to reflect," Nichol says. "Life isn’t all about efficiency. We’re in a rush for things to be faster and faster, but that can bring problems. Part of the fun of life is to do something for yourself. It’s like riding a bicycle versus riding a motorcycle. They’ll both get you there, but one of them is a more enjoyable journey."

Nichol's first typewriter during the project was an Underwood 5, which he bought on eBay. Throughout the course of the film, he amassed a collection of 85 typewriters. His favorite of the bunch? An Erica 10.

"It was made in Germany in the 50s and it’s so beautiful," Nichol explains. "It’s got a little button you push and the top opens like the trunk of a car. I picked this up for 25 bucks and you cannot get the mechanics and efficiency of it nowadays."

And while Nichol admits he's in line whenever a new iPhone comes out, he hopes people will take solace in admiring a job well done. Even if it means getting your hands a little dirty.

"Work is fun. I think a lot of people maybe don’t realize that work brings fulfillment," he says. "Maybe things will be faster and more efficient, but what’s the cost of that to society? It's about finding that right balance."

California Typewriter is in theaters now. Check out the trailer below:

Monday, October 2

SNL's "Papyrus" Sketch Is Pure Magic

Saturday Night Live kicked off its 42nd season Saturday, and boy, did it deliver the goods. Ryan Gosling served as host and delivered a handful of memorable sketches, though one struck me as particularly delightful. I won't spoil the details, but Gosling as an obsessive graphic designer (or at least someone with an appreciation for graphic design) is terrific.

Perhaps it's because my company just underwent a rebrand and I got a glimpse of all the craziness that goes into design work. Perhaps it's the idea that someone could be so passionate about a movie poster that's nearly a decade old. Or perhaps it's just a really funny sketch. Whatever it is, it's a winner. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 1

Conan O'Brien and Kevin Hart Hit the Gym

The remote segments that Conan O'Brien does are often among the most entertaining things on television (or I suppose on YouTube, since that's how most people consume late night segments nowadays). This one is no exception.

Conan hits the gym with Kevin Hart, and the rapport between the two is just delightful. We've seen this before when the two team up with Ice Cube to hijack a Lyft and with a student driver, respectively. There's no Cube this time around, but that doesn't diminish this, at all. Be sure to check out the outtakes, too, to see some more hilarity – plus a pretty impressive push-up from Hart.

Tuesday, September 19

My College Roommate is DNCE

Fall is a time when school gets back in session. For college kiddos, it's especially exciting. After all, you get to meet your new roommate! While you can picture all the good times you'll share together, you never really know how things will turn out until you actually cross paths. Sometimes it's a perfect match, sometimes it's a disaster, and still other times, your roommate actually turns out to be pop group DNCE. It's just the luck of the draw.

Monday, September 18

We Should All Be As Happy As Marshawn Lynch Is While Dancing

The Oakland Raiders beat up on the New York Jets Sunday, winning 45-20. As the game was winding down, Marshawn Lynch got the crowd hyped with a fantastic dance on the sidelines. Of course, if you listen to talk radio, some people have gotten mad already at Lynch's dancing. Those are the same people that don't enjoy any kind of fun. Let's all take a page from Beast Mode's book and appreciate the finer things in life.

Monday, September 11

Louisiana Tech and Mississippi State Combine for 87-Yard Loss on 2nd and Goal

Sometimes in football, plays happen that just defy all sense of logic. This 2nd and goal effort from Louisiana Tech is a great example of that. The Bulldogs took on Mississippi State (also aptly named the Bulldogs) over the weekend and found themselves on the wrong end of an eventual 57-21 loss.

No one will remember any of that, though. The only thing people will take away from this game is this play. Louisiana Tech somehow turned 2nd and goal from the 7-yard line into 3rd and goal from their own 6-yard line. A shocking loss of 87 yards. EIGHTY-SEVEN.

Just let that sink in. How many things had to go wrong for that to happen? The most impressive thing in all of this is that Mississippi State had about four opportunities to score – Louisiana Tech was actually fortunate to come away with an 87-yard loss.

ESPN Stats & Info shared that the previous longest amount of yards to get a first down since 2004 was 57 yards when Georgia faced an epic third down against Tennessee. That record is no more. Amazing.

Friday, August 25

Taylor Swift Drops New "Edgy" Single That May Not Be All That Edgy

Taylor Swift, at long last, has finally graced us with some new music. I'll admit – I dig a fair amount of T-Swizzy's stuff. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is wonderfully catchy and has a delightful music video, to boot. "Style" is so simple, yet such an earworm. 

This newest single, though, I'm not so sure about. "Look What You Made Me Do" takes shots at...well, just about everyone, though it does it in a pretty vague way. Kanye West is probably the most obvious target, though Katy Perry has had her squabbles with Swift, too. But the media, paparazzi, crazy fans – they all play a part here.

Swift has certainly used this narrative before. Many songs have an "I'm innocent, and I've been so, so, wronged" theme. In this case, rather than simply taking the abuse or having a goofy reply, Swift is doubling down and FIGHTING BACK. "The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why? BECAUSE SHE'S DEAD." Damn. There's even another reference to having a list with someone's name on it.

The problem here is that the song itself isn't very good. The staccato delivery of lines in the verse is pretty annoying, and the whole song kind of has a "Meaghan Trainor meets Lorde on a really off-day" vibe to it. 

Of course, like many Swift songs, this could potentially grow on us, like some sort of parasite. But for now, I'd like to make a plea to Swift, Perry, Trainor, and any other pop star that's trying to be "hard" – stop with this fake rap/talking stuff and leave it to the people who are good at it. Show us you can actually sing, instead.

Thursday, August 17

The Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice" In A Cappella Form Is Spectacular

Perhaps more than any band before them, the Beach Boys were incredible at harmonizing. One of the tunes that really shows this off is "Wouldn't It Be Nice," a song written by Brian Wilson, Mike Love, and Tony Asher, though Al Jardine gets a rare shot at lead vocals.

The track is the opener of the iconic Pet Sounds album and features a variety of instruments that were unusual at the time, like accordions and a detuned twelve-string guitar. You won't hear any of those in this video, though – it's strictly vocals. That doesn't make it any less impressive, though. Check out those harmonies!

Saturday, August 5

Drink on the Go with Backpack Wine

Of all the alcoholic beverages one can enjoy, wine is among the least portable. It's pretty silly to bring a giant bottle and corkscrew with you, and yes, while boxed wine exists, it either gets warm really quickly or is tough to properly pour into your cup. That's a problem when you need wine RIGHT NOW.

Luckily, Chicago-based Backpack Wine is available for all of wine-on-the-go needs. The canned wine comes in Cheek Rose and Snappy White flavors, conveniently bundled in four-can packs.

Backpack Wines come from Wahluke Slope, a part of the Columbia Valley in Washington State. The cans are 250 ml apiece, which is about one-third a standard bottle of wine. As many restaurants fill four glasses per bottle, you're getting a very generous pour in each can.

The cans are unbreakable and completely recyclable, and the wine is tasty and refreshing. No longer do you need to lug out a big ol' bottle to get your wine craving while you're hanging by the pool, relaxing on a boat, mini-golfing, BBQing, playing whiffle ball, hosting a gala event, or whatever other summer activities you enjoy.

No matter the occasion, make like Backpack's advice: "Skip the Cork and Grab a Pack." Backpack Wine is available in grocery and beverage retailers all throughout the country, or you can do a lil' shopping straight from their website.

Monday, July 24

Today Only: Save $50 on Amazon Echo

Shop Amazon Devices - Save $50 on Echo One Day Only

Been curious about testing out Amazon Echo but thought the price was too high? Well, today is your lucky day. Click the link above to save $50 on the Echo. Hurry, though – this offer ends after today.

Monday, June 12

Ice Cube Schools Bill Maher On His Language

Bill Maher recently said the n-word on his show, and naturally, there's been quite a bit of backlash. Maher has received quite a bit of criticism over the past week and there have been plenty of calls for his firing. Even as he said it, the audience responded with some groans. At the time, Maher kind of waved it off. He's since apologized, but his rationale for using the word in the first place isn't great.

On the latest episode of Real Time, Maher had regular guest Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, who condemned Maher's remarks but also initially came to the comedian's defense. The two had a back and forth that was pretty light-hearted and jovial, and it seemed as if that would be it as far as addressing the issue.

Fortunately, Maher also had Ice Cube on as a guest to promote the 25th anniversary of his album Death Certificate. Cube was kind enough to share his insights on both the word and the mindset of using it. The end result is a powerful monologue that had a notable impact on both the audience and Maher himself. Hopefully, it will have a lasting effect. Well done, Ice Cube. 

Friday, June 2

Let's See a Show! New Found Glory

I've done a pretty poor job of seeing shows this year that haven't involved either my own band or my friends' bands. It's basically been taking my roomie to see Blink-182 – his first concert ever and he just turned 30, come on, man! – and rocking out to some AFI on Valentine's Day, though getting to experience "Reivers' Music" live the first time they ever played it was pretty delightful.

However, seeing New Found Glory on back-to-back days in Dallas and Austin has rejuvenated my concert-going experience, and it's because these guys put on one hell of a show. This summer, they're celebrating two decades of being a band with a "20 Years of Pop Punk" tour. While many album tours involve a band playing one album front to back, this one mixes it up – literally. Not only did New Found Glory play TWO full albums each night, they did so randomly. You never knew if the next song was going to be your favorite track off the album, and I loved it. I'm always on my shuffle setting anytime I'm listening to music anyway. I like to be kept on my toes.

The Dallas show at The Door was a pretty impromptu jaunt up I-35 to see the quartet perform Sticks and Stones and Catalyst in their entirety. While most of the crew I traveled with ranks Catalyst as their favorite album, I'm a slightly older pop punker, so Sticks and Stones is the one I grew up on. It'll always hold a special place in my heart, but even so, I'm not sure I was ready for the insane energy that overtook the entire room as soon as "Understatement" kicked off the night. That song's always been one of my favorite New Found Glory tracks, and if you don't like it I'm pretty sure you just aren't a big fan of smiling.

What's cool about a full album show is that you get a handful of tracks that you really don't ever hear live. It was cool to see a deeper cut like "No News Is Good News" in between "Sonny" and "Head on Collision," which are both played a bit more frequently (side note: holy moly "Sonny" was getting that crowd emotional). The band also dropped in "Happy Being Miserable," the first single off their newest record, Makes Me Sick, which came out last month, and it sounded just as well-rehearsed and spot-on as their classics. I was also proud of myself for remembering that "Ending in Tragedy" hadn't been played as the band took a little encore break – guitarist Chad Gilbert said that it wasn't supposed to be an encore, it was just to give drummer Cyrus Bolooki some rest after playing 24 songs (they played 27 in total). The guy next to me was telling his friend that they just needed to come back and play "Intro" from Catalyst and then close with "My Friends Over You." I said, "pretty sure they haven't played 'Ending in Tragedy,' either." He told me, "No, they played it at the beginning," and I nodded and said, "okay." Then when it came on he hung his tail between his legs and came over and told me I was right. It's one of those little moments that literally nobody cares about except me, but made me feel like I had won one of the B-level Price is Right games, like "Coming or Going" or "Master Key." It's not a new car or "Plinko," but it's something.

We also hung around in Dallas for the after party, which was kind of weird at first. Two dudes played a bunch of emo songs and jumped around and played air guitar and air drums while occasionally yelling things like "what's up, Dallas?" The songs were terrific early-2000s nostalgia, but still a little strange. At some point, they brought New Found Glory back out, and the guys took over on the 1s and 2s. Cyrus, in particular, played several great tracks, so maybe he's got a nice side career as a DJ in the mix.

The second show in Austin – at the always enjoyable Mohawk – might have somehow been even more energetic. For whatever reason, I found myself in the pit, which just had people going nuts in it. This one guy kept wanting to high five me, a girl told me "I'm going to get up on stage and give Chad a hug" – and then she did it! – and the whole crowd was singing along to every word. This set was Sticks and Stones and their self-titled album, which are probably my two favorites New Found Glory has put out. Special shout out to "All About Her," which is just quite the delightful jam.

I'll also note at both of these shows just how inclusive the band was to letting their fans have fun. People were stage-diving left and right, a girl leapt up on the stage to take a selfie with lead singer Jordan Pundik, bassist Ian Grushka wore a sombrero someone threw up on the stage, and my friend Liz even gave Jordan a hug and sang a line from "Head On Collision." Spectacular, and the fans loved it. As it should be.

Before these shows, I got to interview Chad for Paste Magazine. We chatted about the new record, music video fiascos, and playing at pool parties. Check out the interview here. And pick up a copy of Makes Me Sick. It's a great reminder that pop punk is still alive and well.

Wednesday, May 31

12-Year-Old Girl Goes On "America's Got Talent" and Absolutely Crushes It

Darci Lynne Farmer is a 12-year-old from Oklahoma City. She first discovered ventriloquism at church and decided she wanted to pursue it as a hobby. Her parents surprised her with a puppet on her 10th birthday to help her overcome her shyness. And my goodness was that a great move.

Farmer appeared on America's Got Talent with her rabbit puppet, Petunia. She explained she wanted to keep ventriloquism alive because it's "not very common." To the awe of the audience and the judges, Farmer and Petunia performed "Summertime" by George Gershwin. It was so impressive that Mel B used her "Golden Buzzer," which is apparently a free ticket to the final live show that each judge can only use once each season.

I have honestly never seen someone sing while controlling a puppet or dummy. This is incredible. Watch it and enjoy.

Monday, May 29

How to Write an Ed Sheeran Album

Ed Sheeran has been one of the bigger names in pop music over the past couple of years. With current hits like "Shape of You" and "Castle on the Hill" dominating the airwaves, it doesn't seem like that's going to slow down anytime soon. You can either hate his tunes or embrace them – and if you choose the latter option, you can even write an album much like Sheeran would himself!

YouTuber John Fassold has dissected the key elements to every Ed Sheeran album, including bangers like a "hippity-hop acoustic ballad" and a "childhood song about being rebellious." Follow these steps and you too just might be able to release a record that's celebrated around the world. Enjoy!

Friday, May 26

Hanson Just Dropped a New Song, and the Video Has Mini Hansons

Hanson released a new song today called "I Was Born," and the music video is a delight. Shots of the band performing are interwoven with little kids singing along to the tune, as well. And, in natural Hanson fashion, this is a pretty catchy jam. Though the band plans to release a Christmas album this winter, this song appears to be a standalone track. Maybe it'll end up on another record later, but for now, enjoy!

Friday, May 19

Linkin Park Reacts to Teens Reacting to Linkin Park

Fine Brothers Entertainment recently shot a video of teenagers listening and reacting to Linkin Park songs. One of them was the debut single off their new album, One More Light, while others were jams from their first two records, Hybrid Theory and Meteora. The kids had a variety of responses, and at least one of the girls didn't even recognize it was Linkin Park until the end. Amazing.

Anyway, with One More Light debuting today, FBE decided to bring in a member of Linkin Park to react to those teenagers reacting to Linkin Park. If the whole thing sounds very Inception-like, you're not alone. It is pretty entertaining to watch Shinoda make little comments, though. He says he plans to never show his kids the "One Step Closer" music video, and that's probably for the best.

Sunday, May 14

Olympic Athletes Apologize to Their Moms

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Thanks for being patient with your children and for teaching us how to be humble...even if it takes a few people years to show it.

Friday, May 12

Blink-182 Reveal New Song That's A Love Child of Enema of the State and California

Blink-182 has been dropping new songs from the deluxe edition of California, the album they released last year (and the first featuring Matt Skiba). There's going to be a full set of new tunes on the deluxe album, which bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus described as "a lot of high-energy songs, punk rock, some more ballad-y songs, a little more electronic experimentation."

So far, Blink has released four songs from the deluxe version of the album. The latest, "Wildfire," is a mix of the band's newest and best-selling albums. From the official lyric video itself:

Think of your favorite song from Enema of the State. Now think of your favorite song from California. Now imagine them falling in love and starting a family of their own. That's what this song is.

There are definitely elements of both albums here, so that description might not be too far off. Either way, we've got a week until the deluxe edition of California drops on May 19. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 7

This Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ad Is Incredible

With Mother's Day fast approaching, Kraft is putting a new spin on honoring mom. With 74 percent of moms admitting to swearing in front of their children, the company brought in mother, author and swearing expert, Melissa Mohr, Ph.D., to offer some kid-friendly sayings when the need to curse is just too strong.

And hey, if you lose it and go on a George Carlin-esque tirade, just feed the kids a little Kraft Mac & Cheese. That always helps.

Tuesday, May 2

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Details of his Son's Birth and Heart Disease

Jimmy Kimmel was noticeably absent from Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, which naturally got the world wide interwebs ablazin' with all sorts of conspiracy theories.

Naturally, the real reason had nothing to do with any kinds of wacky rumors. Instead, upon returning to his show, Kimmel revealed that his son had been born with a heart disease and walked the crowd through all of the emotions of learning that your son has a problem with his heart. This story does have a happy ending and his baby boy is healthy, though he'll still have to have multiple surgeries down the road. We're hoping all goes well and Billy lives a perfectly normal life.

Check out Kimmel's monologue from when he came back. It's a long one but well worth the watch. 

Sunday, April 23

SNL's "Basketball Scene" is Simply Magical

Jimmy Fallon hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend, and it had a handful of enjoyable sketches. Perhaps the most hilarious, though, was the very last one of the night. Fallon and Mikey Day serve as extras that are trying to simply play some basketball behind a dramatic scene starring Pete Davidson and Kenan Thompson. However, these extras don't really know much about basketball, despite having great experience like taking a sports movement class at Juilliard and starring in a recreation of Basketball Diaries 

Monday, April 17

Gabrielle Union Delightfully Roasts Dwyane Wade After Missed Dunk

Actress Gabrielle Union is married to Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade. Apparently, they were having a bit of a tiff at home – Wade left the seat up in the bathroom, and Union did not take too kindly to it. So when Wade blew this dunk...

...Union had the perfect response:

Either way, Wade can't be too upset. His Bulls stole Game 1 from the Celtics, 106-102.

Tuesday, April 11

Steph Curry Has a New Life Coach, and it's James Corden

Steph Curry has become one of the most popular players in the NBA over the past few years. Sure, a good chunk of that is because of his insane ability to shoot a basketball, but another part of it is that he's just so darn likable. Doing bits like this with James Corden doesn't hurt. See what happens when Steph and James hit the town to try and up the two-time MVP's game in other areas of life.

Monday, April 10

Wade Baldwin IV Has One of the Best Bad Beats of All Time

How fantastic is this? The Grizzlies were leading the Knicks 98-88 the other night, and Memphis's Wade Baldwin IV was dribbling out the clock. He walked over to the official and started chatting a bit. Who knows what they talked about, but as the clock ticked down, Baldwin launched a three-pointer from just in front of halfcourt.

It went in, giving Memphis a 101-88 win. Apparently, the crowd wins a free chicken sandwich if the Grizzlies score over 100 points in a home game – perhaps Baldwin (who's shooting 14.3 percent from deep this season) was just trying to help a few hungry folks out. The line was Knicks +12.5. If you bet on the Knicks, MAN, you were probably furious. But again...you're betting on the Knicks, so that's probably your own fault. 

Tuesday, March 28

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony Meets Sesame Street

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony are one of the most influential rap groups in history, and Sesame Street helped pioneer a whole new era of children's shows. Naturally, the two must be combined. From creator isthishowyougoviral:

The cast of Sesame Street performs the Bone Thugs-n-Harmony classic, “Tha Crossroads”. Starring Grover as Bizzy Bone, Elmo as Layzie Bone, Cookie Monster as Krayzie Bone, and Telly as Wish Bone. This was, by far, the toughest song choice out of all the mashups I’ve ever created, but it’s one of the best rap songs ever, so it had to be done. Video by Mylo the Cat aka Adam Schleichkorn. 

The end result is magical. Enjoy!

Monday, March 27

March Madness Press Conference Questions You Will Never Hear

This year's Final Four is set – we've got two teams who have never made it, one who hasn't been there since 1939, and...North Carolina. Hey, you have to have one stalwart in there, right?

In any case, Funny or Die has a delightful parody of the postgame press conferences that follow each matchup. It starts out harmlessly enough, though after a bit, the reporters gathered start asking some more peculiar questions. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 25

Florida's Chris Chiozza Hits Crazy Buzzer Beater Against Wisconsin to Advance to Elite 8

After some thrilling games on Thursday night, Friday's Sweet 16 games were fairly boring in comparison. UCLA/Kentucky didn't really live up to the hype (which is not too big of a surprise since those games rarely do), so we were left with Florida/Wisconsin as the final game of the evening and one last chance to give us some madness. And boy, did it deliver.

Wisconsin was down eight in the closing minutes and they tied the game on a crazy shot with 2.5 seconds left in regulation. Then, in overtime, Florida found themselves trailing by five with under a minute remaining.  They tied the game up at 81, then the Badgers scored on two Nigel Hayes free throws to get back ahead. NO MATTER.

Florida's Chris Chiozza raced the length of the court and hit a three, much in the same style as Wisconsin's end of regulation shot was thrown up. Just like that, we've got our first buzzer beater of the NCAA Tournament. WILD.

Tuesday, March 21

BBC Mom Spoofs the Now Famous BBC Interview

If you've been near the Internet at all over the past couple of weeks, you've seen the now famous BBC interview where a man's children walk in on him as he's chatting with a news anchor over Skype. It's quite delightful and a good reminder that we're all human and life is pretty funny sometimes.

Jono and Ben have taken the comedy one step further with their version of things, the "BBC Mom." She handles her children walking in, and also does some baking, ironing, and even defuses a bomb. Not too shabby!

Saturday, March 18

Weird Al Yankovic - Medium Rarities

"Weird Al" Yankovic dropped a video the other day announcing Medium Rarities, a 23-track collection of rare, unreleased, and other non-album tracks from 1978 to 2017 (40 years! Holy moly!). The video, created by TruScribe, is an homage to the traditional Mario games on Nintendo, only we've got a virtual Yankovic wandering around and collecting items from the course of his career.

Medium Rarities is a part of the 15-album box set, Squeeze Box: The Collected Works of "Weird Al" Yankovic, which will be released on November 24. Check out more about these packages here. Enjoy, and as Weird Al himself would say, "dare to be stupid."

Wednesday, March 15

Locally Sourced Joey Episode 36: Going Mad in March with Chris Hayes

Man, it's a good time of year. The NCAA Tournament is among us, which means it's time for fellow Miami Hurricane and resident bracketologist Chris Hayes to chat a little March Madness. We discuss our brackets, crazy upset picks, and chat about the incredible sense of humor the NCAA selection committee has. Listen along, won't you?

Monday, February 27

Breakfast Tea & Bourbon: A Novel That's Also a Treasure Hunt

Have you ever wanted to discover some buried treasure? Maybe as a kid, you'd take a prized possession, dig a hole in the backyard, and create an entire map to find it a few days later. Breakfast Tea & Bourbon by Pete Bissonette takes that to a whole new level. Not only is it an entertaining novel, complete with self-help tips and bourbon recipes, hidden inside the pages are clues to a treasure hidden somewhere in the United States worth $50,000.

"I printed out a big map, closed my eyes, twirled my finger, and pointed to a spot," Bissonette said. "That's where the treasure is hidden." 

For his part, Bissonette is not giving away any hints to where the treasure is hidden despite people's best attempts to get the truth out of him. He's enjoyed seeing how people have gone about searching for the treasure, which also includes a $5,000 donation to their favorite charity and 100 bottles of wine delivered to their door.

"A class of fifth graders is reading it as a class and sharing where they're going through the book," Bissonette said. "I've also heard from a North Dakota nursing home. If they figure out where the treasure is one of them will send their son to dig it up."

The novel is an entertaining read in and of itself – Bissonette suggests reading it at a leisurely pace the first time around, then go back and look for clues – but it also provides a few life lessons that we could all benefit from. It's something Bissonette has been practicing and advocating with his company Learning Strategies for more than 30 years. The company teaches people all over the world a number of things, including ways to improve memory, enjoy more success in your career, and eliminate behaviors like procrastination or self-sabotage.

Pete Bissonette
One practice that Bissonette really emphasizes is how to savor the moment. Taking a walk in the woods is one such way to just appreciate the beauty around us, but even more common things like really engaging in a conversation or not letting a distraction – say, people holding up their cell phones to record a song at a concert – prevent you from enjoying what you came to see. The book also provides the "Meaningful Rule of Toasting." If you've ever been to a wedding or other gala event where you need to clink glasses, you can relate.

"It's always so quick. We clink our glasses and we're already moving on to the next glass to clink. We don't make a connection with anyone," Bissonette said. "It can be uncomfortable, but make eye contact with who you're toasting. It makes it much more special. I like to bug my eyes out really wide – the person on the other side will then similarly bug their eyes out as a natural response and then we've made a connection."

Want to see some lessons from Learning Strategies in action? Once you purchase your book, share the proof of purchase on their website and you can get one of their "Paraliminal" releases, a technology that helps you make changes, whatever they may be.

Check out a copy of Breakfast Tea & Bourbon – who knows? You may just find yourself digging up a treasure worth more than $50,000. And if you want to send a few dollars or a bottle of wine my way, I certainly won't complain. Cheers!