Wednesday, December 30

Leonard Fournette Is Just Having Fun Out There

LSU's Leonard Fournette is quite the beast in the backfield. And in the Tigers' 56-27 victory over the Texas Tech Red Raiders in the Texas Bowl, the sophomore running back looked like a kid in a candy store. He set an LSU bowl record with five touchdowns, and finished with 212 yards on the day.

Above and below are a couple of Fournette's touchdowns. Can't wait to see what he does next year for an encore.

Sunday, December 27

Dan Uggla Falls Off Hoverboard While Listening To Justin Bieber

Washington Nationals infielder got three PhunkeeDuck hoverboards for his family for Christmas. One of those was for himself, and whilst listening to some Justin Bieber, Uggla took the board for a spin. Unfortunately, he fell right on his keester. Luckily, the camera phone was running, and we got a nice blooper out of it. Good job, y'all.

Friday, December 25

10 Types Of First Dates

'Tis the season for dating, right? Well, if this video I recorded two years ago and finally got around to editing and posting is any indication, yes. Yes it is. Check out the various types of people you may encounter on a first date, from those who can't get off their phone to those who can't stop living in the past. Amazing. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23

Dude Perfect Pairs With Chris Paul And Aaron Rodgers For Massive Trick Shot Video

The fellas at Dude Perfect are back with another trick shot video. This time they get a little help from professional State Farm pitchmen Aaron Rodgers and Chris Paul. Cliff Paul is nowhere to be seen, but there are still some terrific shots in here. Who will ultimately win the prize of game ball? You'll just have to tune in to find out!

Monday, December 21

Abby Wambach's Gatorade Commercial Asks You To Forget Her

Abby Wambach played her final career match the other day, and there was massive fanfare on social media, just before she deleted her account. My buddy and much bigger fan of soccer Ryan wrote a solid piece on Abby's legacy, which I highly recommend reading.

The Gatorade spot is chilling, though. It's tough to imagine asking everyone to forget you–after all, nearly every human wants to be remembered for something. But sometimes letting others have the spotlight is the best gift you can give.

Sunday, December 20

Yes, There's Another Mean Tweets, And It's Still Funny

Celebrity Mean Tweets is back for its ninth installment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which I believe makes it the 14th or 15th overall. And surprisingly, it is still funny. The creativity of some of these tweets is top notch. Keep it up, trolls. Keep it up.

Saturday, December 19

Mom Hits Halfcourt Shot To Win Scholarship For Her Daughter

Minnesota seems to get the craziest basketball stories. There was the high-school kid who made a game-winning shot while lying on his back, and now there's the tale of Angela Ramey and her daughter Grace.

Grace, 9, attends Bethany Academy in Bloomington, and raised the most donations in the school's Kids Against Hunger campaign, which serves local food shelves. Her prize was a few cracks at a halfcourt shot–if she made it, she'd win half a year of tuition. After a couple of attempts fell short, Angela tried the ol' granny-style heave ho. She missed badly, but the ball had enough momentum that it bounced on the floor and ended up going in. The reaction is priceless. Check it out above. Way to go, Rameys.

Thursday, December 17

Bad Lip Reading Returns With Star Wars

You may have heard that the new Star Wars movie comes out tomorrow. Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been taking social media by storm, with people donning lightsabers in their profile pictures, and others freaking out over the idea of spoilers.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), it looks like there's already been one spoiler released, in the form of a Bad Lip Reading video. We'll see if the actual film ends up like this, but for all of our sakes, I sure hope it does.

Wednesday, December 16

Carly Rae Jepsen's Interactive Music Video Is Emojitastic

Carly Rae Jepsen has a new song out called "Run Away With Me." And fittingly enough, the music video allows you to...well, run away with her.

But that's not all. It's interactive, so throughout the video you're asked questions, and must respond via emoji. That sets the stage for the next scene. Pick a wheelbarrow emoji, for example, and take a ride on a pedicab. It's a pretty cool feature that is sure to entertain Carly fans, and maybe make her some new ones. And honestly, it's not too surprising, since her music videos are almost always on point.

Tuesday, December 15

A Hot Cup Of Joey's Ultimate Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us. You're probably already sick of Christmas songs, Channukah has just ended, and it's getting cold. Everywhere. The best way to combat the cold? Besides curling up with hot cocoa, the best remedy is to give great gifts. Because when you make other people feel good, you feel good. And when you feel good, it's the warmest, fuzziest feeling around.

But actually finding those good gifts? The ones the recipient really gets excited about? That's a whole 'nother story. Fortunately, I've got some suggestions for you. Check 'em out:

Larry J. Dunlap – NIGHT PEOPLE, Book 1 - Things We Lost in the Night: A Memoir of Love and Music in the 60s with Stark Naked and the Car Thieves

Don't let the lengthy title fool you, this book is terrific. It chronicles author Larry J. Dunlap's journey from small town Indiana man to California rocker as a member of a band that surpassed The Beatles on the charts, if only briefly. The writing is really engrossing, the memories vivid, and the ride, while bumpy, is incredible to be a part of. I'm a (much less successful) musician, but anyone can hop right in and appreciate this book–no formal music training required.

Fuel Clothing – Sock Karma

Remember how disappointing it was to get a pair of socks at Christmas when you were a kid? Well, flip that idea on its head, you silly goose! Fuel Clothing's subscription and delivery-based socks are pretty baller, not just because they're colorful and unique, but for each pair you buy, they'll donate a another pair to homeless shelters. So really, you're giving two gifts. And that's pretty darn fantastic.

Zero Friction Compression Fit Performance Golf Glove

I am one of the worst golfers I know, so if there's any way I can step up my game, I'm all for it. The duffer in your life should also love this glove from Zero Friction. I don't know if it truly is one-size-fits-all, but it was able to fit my massive hand, so I'm sure most gift recipients will slip it on easily. My favorite part is that it's double-layered on the palm. That's where other gloves I've tried (of the golf, baseball and football varieties) tend to wear out the quickest, so I imagine this one will last for a longer time. No word yet on if it'll actually improve my golf game, but I'll at least be a lot more comfortable while I'm hacking balls into the trees.

Ryan Holiday – The Obstacle Is The Way

Sometimes other people write words more eloquently than you do. That's the case in this Sports Illustrated piece about Ryan Holiday's book. Holiday's words are great, too, and really touch on the concept of stoicism. And for those looking to step up their mental game, this is something to check out. As Holiday explains it, "It’s not a set of ethics or principles. It’s a collection of spiritual exercises designed to help people through the difficulty of life. To focus on managing emotion; specifically, non-helpful emotion."

ThermaCELL PROFLEX Insoles

Picture this: your enthusiastic friend just CANNOT WAIT to go for a hike in the woods. They're so anxious to get going, they've seemed to neglect that it's the middle of winter and, you know, it's freezing outside. You can bundle up your upper body with a hat, scarf and overcoat, and if you toss on some snowpants, your legs might be in good shape. But your feet are going to either go numb or simply fall off from trudging through the cold, hard ground.

Fortunately, you have the ThermaCELL PROFLEX Insoles, which use advanced heat technology to provide remote controlled foot warming comfort as needed. The wireless remote gives fingertip control between medium heat (100°F), high heat (111°F) and no heat, all while feet remain comfortable in your shoe or boot through the use of a built-in thermostat. It's particularly nice because you can adjust the temperature without taking your shoes off. So if you get too toasty, you can remove the heat without any problems. Well, assuming your friend doesn't get you lost. That might be a bit of a problem, though at least you'll be warm.

Jonathan Kieran – Confessions from the Comments Section: The Secret Lives of Internet Commenters and Other Pop Culture Zombies

Back when I was briefly a YouTube celebrity, I certainly ran into a gamut of different comments. They ranged from quite complimentary to entirely rude, but hey, whatcha gonna do? You can either go my route and make a video on the types of YouTube comments, or you can write a book about it, as Jonathan did. His is a scathing satire on the terrible people that troll the comments section of any online platform. If you've ever read or watched something on the Internet and have wandered into the comments section, you'll get a kick out of this.

Matador – Droplet 

There's few things I dislike more in life than when stuff that shouldn't be wet proceeds to get wet anyway. The Matador Droplet fits on your keychain (conveniently snazzy photo above), but it also holds up to three liters of your most precious items. Oh, and it's waterproof, so whether you want everything in there to be dry, or if you don't want water from the inside to escape, you'll get your wish.

The Top 12 Places To Visit In Texas

I recently received a copy of Jody Rookstool's book Top 12 Places to Visit in Texas. I've called myself a resident here for the past three and a half years, but it seems like every other day I visit or at least learn about a new place. Hey, this is a big state, after all.

Rookstool's book is certainly going to help me add a few pins on my Texas map. I don't actually have a Texas map, but I'm speaking metaphorically here, so let's roll with it. I had only heard of a couple of the locations in this book, so that's a good thing. Lots of hidden gems contained within, like Gorman Falls and Dinosaur Valley State Park.

However, there could be a bit more flair to this book–namely, with the inclusion of pictures. Rookstool herself says "Texas is so rife with locations worth seeing in person that it almost seems criminal to limit the contents of this book to just 12 in total." I'm sure the thinking is that a description and link to more information will cause people to search for more information, while a picture might give them the thought of "eh, I've seen it." But I don't think those kind of people are really the target audience for this book anyway.

The descriptions are solid, and there is a lot of good information on each place, but I do feel like this would be more suitable as a blog post or e-book. As it is, it's sort of like a pamphlet to some of Texas's cooler, lesser known locales, just without any maps or photographs.

Also, this is just a minor complaint, but the pages don't match up with the glossary. Everything is essentially three pages later than it says in the book. For example, Chapter 1 claims to begin on page three, but it doesn't actually begin until page six. Some people probably won't notice (especially since there are only about 30 pages in the whole thing), though my neurotic sense of noticing little details picked it up. Again, nothing major, but that seems like a bit of an oversight, and might cause readers to think the other information might not be as thorough or accurate as it could be.

Vanna White Has Most Graceful Blooper Ever

Vanna White has arguably the best job in the world. She gets to travel around the globe, and all she has to do during work is touch a screen to make a letter appear, walk, and look pretty. She added a fourth skill during a recent Wheel of Fortune episode: dragging a present.

As the set is Christmas-themed for the holidays, there's quite a bit of cheery decor around. That includes several gift boxes, one of which got caught on Vanna's dress. Pat Sajak got a kick out of it, and even got the producers to replay it twice during the closing part of the show. Such grace, Vanna!

Monday, December 14

Ken Jeong And Rob Riggle Parody Adele's "Hello"

Rob Riggle routinely comes on FOX to make picks for the upcoming football week. In this installment of "Riggle's Picks," he's joined by fellow comedian and actor Ken Jeong. They parody Adele's "Hello" video, all the way down to the sepia and way to over the top emotion. But hey, they're singing about the NFC East, which would make anybody cry.

Saturday, December 12

Jimmy Fallon Plays Catchphrase With Kirsten Dunst And Will Smith

Catchphrase is one of those games that everyone loves. Probably because it's so dang easy to play, and if you know your partners well, you can kick some serious butt.

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon capitalized on the game's popularity with its own installment, featuring The Roots' Tariq and Will Smith taking on Fallon and Kirsten Dunst. Who will win? Well, you'll just have to click to find out. What a teaser!

Friday, December 11

Orangutan At Barcelona Zoo Laughs When Guest Shows Him A Magic Trick

This is super cute: an orangutan at the Barcelona Zoo is watching a visitor, who puts something in a cup. Using sleight of hand, he then removes the item and shows the orangutan the cup that is now missing said item.

The orangutan LOVES IT. He laughs and laughs, and falls on his back to laugh some more. If this doesn't make you smile, then I hope you have a microwave to warm up your cold, lifeless heart. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 10

Matt Barnes Hits Insane Halfcourt Shot To Win Game

In the ultimate "NO NO NO NO NO NO OKAY YES YES WAY TO GO!" shot, Matt Barnes heaved a bomb from half court with the Grizzlies down by two to the Pistons. Perhaps most confounding was that there was still about three seconds left on the clock when Barnes launched his shot–plenty of time for a few more dribbles, probably all the way to the three-point line.

NO MATTER. See what I did there? Because his name's Matt? Ah, I'm a riot. Anyway, Barnes double clutches and nails the half courter, giving the Grizz a 93-92 win. Simply amazing. After the Lions' Hail Mary loss last Thursday, it's been a tough week for Detroit fans.

Wednesday, December 9

Instagram Husbands Video Is Hilariously, Depressingly Accurate

"Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me, and a brick wall." So begins the "Instagram Husbands" video by The Mystery Hour. It's a dark, eerily accurate trip down the path of being in a relationship with someone obsessed with Instagram.

Everything about this video is well done. It's quite spot on, as well. I'd like to think, that, even though I'm posting a photo a day on my own Instagram, I'm usually taking those pictures myself. I don't want to bring other people down with me.

Tuesday, December 8

SNL's Santa Baby Sketch Is Delightfully Weird

Ryan Gosling hosted the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live, and starred in a delightfully strange digital short with Vanessa Bayer called "Santa Baby." 

In the sketch, the two play a couple who really, REALLY, like Santa Clause. They won't let anyone leave the party until they get to meet him. And when they do...well, it's quite special. Enjoy!

The Tea To Soothe Your Soul (And Throat)

After an office holiday party where the karaoke was in full effect, I'd be lying if I said my throat wasn't a little bit sore. But luckily, the good folks at Midori Spring sent me a tin of matcha tea. Which, if you follow the instructions, makes a really delicious, soothing cup of goodness. 

Feel free to add a little extra flavoring, like honey, almonds or cashews, but really, this tastes pretty darn good on its own. Better than other matcha I've tried, for sure.

And lo and behold, the next day, my throat is as good as new. Or it was, until I got a slight touch of the flu from being outside for a lengthy amount of time (it's a long story, but basically, fog is the worst). Anyway, I fortunately had some more tea to indulge on, and it helped the sinuses clear up a bit. Best of all, you don't have to throw this in a tea pot to then pour in your nostrils, as the old wives' tale goes. You can just drink it like a normal person. 

Don't be alarmed by the size of the tin, either. Each serving only requires 1/2-3/4 teaspoon of the powder, so unless you're drinking several cups a day, this will last you quite a while. Which is good, because I don't plan to stop singing anytime soon. Cheers!

Monday, December 7

Antonio Brown Touchdown Celebration Re-Imagined As Mario Game

Antonio Brown had himself a game Sunday night. 118 receiving yards and two scores, plus another on a 71-yard punt return. Of course, the man with "one of the great smiles in the NFL" did have one hiccup: his touchdown celebration, in which he attempted to climb the goal post and ended up falling on his back. He also drew a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for the celebration.

Luckily, the good folks at Sports Illustrated's The Cauldron know how to turn an embarrassing moment into a fun one. They recreated Brown's celebration, only now he's a character in an 8-bit Super Mario game, and he sticks the landing this time around. Check it out below.

Sunday, December 6

Scott Stapp Reviews "Creed" And Is Very Confused About It

The movie Creed starring Michael B. Jordan has been killin' it at the box office, but not everyone is entirely sure what they're in store for. Former Creed singer Scott Stapp gave the movie a preview before it came out, and while he was dismayed at the amount of boxing, he thought the cinematography was good enough to warrant four arms wide open. Check out his review above.

Saturday, December 5

Dave Grohl And Animal From The Muppets Engage In Delightful Drum Battle

Dave Grohl recently announced that the Foo Fighters are taking a break, but that doesn't mean he's going to stop rocking. In a recent episode of The Muppets, Grohl takes on Animal, everyone's favorite puppet drummer, in a drum battle for the ages. Who ends up the victor? Well, you'll just have to watch and find out.

Friday, December 4

Craig Sager Interviews Gregg Popovich For First Time In Months, Gets Warm Embrace

Gregg Popovich is one of the finest coaching minds the NBA has ever seen. And one of the most entertaining antics he pulls is ragging on sideline reporters, most notably Craig Sager.

Sager missed some time with leukemia, and triumphantly returned tonight, just in time for the Spurs/Grizzlies game on TV. That means he got to offer Pop a pair of "inane questions" that he has to answer. Wonderful. Really hard not to smile at this.

Thursday, December 3

Monmouth Hawks Bench Celebrations Are Just Fantastic

The Monmouth Hawks are a tiny school based out of West Long Beach, NJ (yes, that's a real place). And while the members of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (or the MAAC for short) may only get one bid into this year's NCAA Tournament, the Hawks have already found a way to keep things memorable. Their bench celebrations really are a thing of beauty.

After finishing third in the AdvoCare Invitational in Lake Buena Vista, FL, the Hawks made several appearances on national television. They even pulled off an upset over then-No. 17 Notre Dame, 70-68 in the first round. And the bench celebrated accordingly, with style and panache. Gotta love these kids just having fun out there.

Tuesday, December 1

This Ad Will Either Make You Very Sad or Very Angry

German supermarket Edeka released a Christmas advertisement that is just perhaps one of the most cruel advertisements ever. But it's very well done, even if it'll leave you angry or sad at the end. And besides, don't the commercials giving us all the feels end up being the most memorable? Take a look for yourself and see how you react.

Sunday, November 29

Duke Fans Create "#SaveJahlil" Campaign For 76ers Rookie Jahlil Okafor

Life in the NBA ain't easy for a rookie. It's especially difficult when you happened to be drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers, who still have not won a game this season. Perhaps bothered by how terrible his team is on the court, Okafor has been involved in a number of offcourt incidents, too, including getting into a bar fight and allegedly going 108 MPH on a bridge with a speed limit of 40.

Nevertheless, Okafor still has a legion of fans back in North Carolina. @DukeNBA released a video entitled "#SaveJahlil," showcasing the sad state of the Sixers, set to Sarah Mclachlan music. It's enough to depress anyone, particularly a player who went from a national championship to a team that still hasn't won a game.

Saturday, November 28

Adam Sandler Has A New Chanukah Song

For like two decades, Adam Sandler's series of Chanukah songs has helped Jewish kids not feel left out amongst the many, many Christmas tunes. So it was high time he came out with another version, with more updated lyrics. And it's more fun than twirling a dradle. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 26

Blaine Gabbert's Press Conference Attended By Blaine Gabbert, Nobody Else

In an incredibly awful season, the San Francisco 49ers may have found a slight bright spot with backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert. He's gone 1-1 in two starts, and was even praised by Cardinals safety Tyronn Mathieu. Mathieu faced off against former San Fran starter Colin Kaepernick earlier this season, and recorded two interceptions himself in a blowout 47-7 win.

Gabbert looks to fare better at home against the Cardinals this week. But his own team isn't doing him any favors–the Niners forgot to include Gabbert on their list of available press, so when he showed up to his own press conference, well...

Credit Gabbert for being able to adapt on the fly. Hopefully he has that same success on the field. Or at least doesn't lose by 40. Sometimes baby steps is all you need.

Wednesday, November 25

The Muppets Perform "My Name Is" By Eminem

Ah, I do love a good mashup. And what better than one of the best rappers (Eminem) pairing with one of the best puppet-based shows (The Muppets). Scooter plays the part of Em in this one, while Kermit gets to spout off a couple of Dr. Dre lines. These kinds of mashups are always much easier to do with animated or puppet shows, but hey, that doesn't make it any less entertaining. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 24

Dad Reenacts Multiple Poses From Street Fighter, And It's Wonderful

Nick Luciano has a modest YouTube channel; the pride and joy of said channel are the videos where his dad acts out various poses and stances of video game characters. Super Smash Bros.? Check and mate. But now it's time for Street Fighter, and once again, Mr. Luciano nails it. Well done all around.

Big Bird Interns At Funny Or Die

Fresh off the street, Big Bird wants to be a comedy writer when he grows up. It seems like the Funny or Die offices are the perfect place. How does that pairing turn out?

Sunday, November 22

Behind The Scenes Screen Tests From The New Star Wars Movie Debut On "Saturday Night Live"

To put it politely, Saturday Night Live has been super uneven this season. But occasionally we'll see flashes of brilliance, and this Star Wars sketch is no exception. Anytime the cast members get to showcase their parody skills, it's a win win. The highlights are probably Jay Pharoah as Chris Tucker and Bobby Moynihan as Danny Devito, but good laughs all around. Well done, SNL.

Friday, November 20

Old People Netflix And Chill

Netflix and Chill is taking the nation by storm. Even non youngsters are getting into it. Just ask Ed Asner and Doris Roberts, who star in this sketch from Funny or Die. This is how most of my Netflix adventures go. It's just so hard to stay focused for an entire movie or TV show!

Thursday, November 19

Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lawrence Do a QVC Parody With Them Dancing

Everyone's favorite quirky actress, Jennifer Lawrence, was on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon the other day to help promote one of the Hunger Games movies, probably. But also to remind us that she's just a funny gal.

She pairs with Jimmy Fallon to do a little spoof of those home shopping shows you might find on QVC, and it involves a lot of dancing. GOOD TIMES.

Wednesday, November 18

Drew Stanton Celebrates Touchdown That He Doesn't Score With More Fervor Than Anyone Else

Arizona Cardinals backup QB Drew Stanton hasn't seen the field much this year, but that hasn't stopped him from getting some airtime. Celebrating a score from Andre Ellington, Stanton waves him home like a third base coach, pumps his fist like a tiny angry child, and dances like there's no tomorrow. It's wonderful and jubilant, and I want more celebrations like this. Way to go, Drew.

Tuesday, November 17

It's Always Sunny And Star Wars Mashup Is Magical

Sometimes, a creation comes along that really doesn't make any sense, but boy oh boy, is it tremendous to watch.

This mashup of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's "The Nightman Cometh" musical and Star Wars: The Force Awakens is pretty darn wonderful. Words don't do it justice, so just click that play button and let's both enjoy.

Monday, November 16

Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Makes Silly Guesses During Final Puzzle

Last week was Veterans' Week on Wheel of Fortune. In first place was an oddball contest named Nura, who made some quirky guesses during the "Final Spin" segment on a recent episode. She guessed the letters Z, U, and X, and also had two guesses go by without actually saying anything.

I honestly cannot remember ever seeing that before, but astute viewers are theorizing that Nura actually threw the final round to allow Scott, the red player, to score some cash. He entered the round with zero dollars, and as Nura had already secured about $14,000 in cash and prizes, nobody was going to catch her. It's either a terrible performance or a terribly noble performance, but it's wonderful viewing regardless.

Also special shout out to Nura's Final Puzzle segment: she had no clue what the answer was, so she just went "I enjoyed myself" during the 10-second countdown. So wonderful.

Sunday, November 15

What If Ronda Rousey Starred In Street Fighter?

This video isn't necessarily great; it basically features Ronda Rousey as a Street Fighter character. Naturally, she beats up everyone very quickly, and then talks some trash, as is her forte.

Of course, now that Rousey is no longer undefeated, this video is even more silly. Timing is everything, folks. Though to be fair, this video was made before Rousey lost to Holly Holm. But for how cocky Rousey has been, this is a fairly accurate representation.

Friday, November 13

Bruce Campbell's Impersonation Of Stephen Colbert Is Spot On

Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and we learned something quite wonderful: when Bruce Campbell puts glasses on, he looks very much like Stephen Colbert. At Lawless's encouragement, Campbell switched places with Colbert, and did his best impression of the late night host. It's only one word (you can guess what it is), but it was quite spot on. Well done, Bruce. Well done.

Thursday, November 12

The WWE Survivor Series kicks off on November 22, celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Undertaker, one of the rare wrestlers I actually know by name. Naturally, to celebrate, The Undertaker appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and performed his signature move, the Tombstone. The unlucky victim? Brad Maddox, a fellow wrestler who donned a turkey costume for the occasion. It makes no sense, but hey, it's full of showmanship, and that's all that matters.

Wednesday, November 11

Carpool Karaoke With Jason Derulo Is Wonderful

The Late Late Show With James Corden is something I can honestly say I've never watched before. But if all the segments are like this one, that may have to change. Corden has a bit called "Carpool Karaoke," where he drives around L.A. with famous musicians, singing their own songs.

This time around, he's got everyone's favorite sayer of his own name, Jason Derulo. Corden has a couple of great burns in this, but Derulo isn't mad for too long. After all, he's got some dance moves to teach. And to cap it all off, the pair highjack a Starline tour bus and "Talk Dirty" with 'em. Enjoy!